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Castle of Doom


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I think you've really got something here. This is very challenging and a lot of fun.


Some notes:


You've got some interesting enemy movement variations. I think you should showcase them sooner than level 11. After 5-6 levels of the same enemy movement, I just assumed they would move vertically the entire game. I think if you mixed it up a little bit more in the early levels, players would be excited to see what kinds of enemies/challenges are coming next. This maybe as simple as switching some earlier levels for some later ones.


Level 20: The gap between the enemies is a bit narrow and leads to some cheap pixel deaths making a challenging level annoying.


Level 31: I died a lot because the player wraps the screen before he fully leaves the left edge. This would run me right into an enemy or off the right ledge before I had a chance to get in the door.


I also have a note about level 26, but I forgot it. I'll give it another go through soon and see if I can remember it. If it's the one with the diagonally moving enemies, it is a BEAST.



Have you considered a "tries" counter in lieu of score. That way you can see how many tries it took to escape the castle.


Great game, keep up the good work!

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Hi, I just tried your game.

In the first levels I thought: damn that game is too difficult for me!

But it's so addictive that I continued to play and after a few levels it was better, even if some are really challenging! (the timing for room 31 is so tight!)

Keep on that way, it's a really fun, challenging and addictive game in my opinion!

And by the way I agree with StanJr's idea of tries counter, really good idea!

Hope my post makes sense, english is not my first language.

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I think I finally made it so Bob can reach the ends of the walls. Before, you may have noticed that he kept ramming himself in an invisible wall right near the front of the wall. Let me know if you see any bugs. Also, a playfield doodling program that converts playfield to data I would really find valuable. I used to know where one is but it disappeared.



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Level 25 was enjoyable, but it's definitely much easier now FWIW.


Wow, that level 32. I wouldn't change it, it keeps me coming back and it isn't infuriating, but it'll take some tries. Being able to reach the walls makes a difference on that one, maybe after some coffee I can manage it.


This is a really fun game. Even after you've figured out the levels, they still offer some challenge on the next play through.

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