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Lawless Legends


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I was listening to the Open Apple Podcast and heard about a new game called Lawless Legends. It is being developed for the Apple II and C-64. They have a Github @ https://github.com/badvision/lawless-legends


There is a Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/LawlessLegends


I doubt there will be an Atari port, but who knows.



Lawless Legends is a fantasy role playing game set in the wild west for the Apple II, C64, & other platforms! Click here from more details!
The year is 1856, you have just arrived at Fort Miller, near Mariposa California. The gold rush has now past it's peak and the region is slowly being over run with cutthroats, thieves, murderers and the like. It seems like drifters from the wilderness are gravitating back into the nearest town they can find. The only other thing keeping the peace in these parts, besides lawmen, are the saloons with their fill of booze, gambling and loose women. To make things worse, there are rumors circulating about mysterious, unnatural things taking place behind the curtain of mountains beyond the local ridges, spreading like wildfire. It’s getting to the point where most folks are too nervous to venture far from town...even for gold.

Lawless Legends is being developed for Apple II & Commodore 64 computers with potential ports to PC/MAC/etc...

If you are an Apple II or C64 coder and would like to participate, please contact us!

Thank you all in advance for your sup


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We are 100% down to add a Atari 400/800 port if there are any coders interested? We'll give you all our assembly code to sort through etc. :)

Just make sure game is good and coders will come :)


It looks like you have something that other rgps didn't have.

I hope that 3D renderer will be a 'Wow' factor and not just pretty graphics.


Great work so far, and code looks professional!


ps. As it looks like all is done in 4 colors at a time, it should be possible to port it to Atari.

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I was wondering if there is any update on an Atari port for this. It looks really cool! If nothing else, it's good to see new game blood in the Apple II world.


Also, will it be released on physical disks or made as a free download?

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We'd be happy to share all our data with an atari coder if one would step forward! :)

How difficult would it be to adjust codebase to Atari 8-bit line ?


At first I thought there are only 4 colors in 3d raycasting engine, now there are at least 5 (green, blue, redish, black and white).

Is this artifacting effect or something else ?


What does this mean "Fast tile drawing using text page 1 ($400-$7ff) as scratchpad"


And I believe this one "Crazy awesome Hi-res 3D raycaster engine" can be transfered to Atari to be even better ;)


Awesome project guys! Makes me wanna watch old movies again :)

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@Popmilo: Maybe you're 'stuck' watching the AppleII pictures and all that dither.

We need to port exactly the game's engine but same gfxs doesn't have to same colours.

For example: At day you have a light blue sky but at night you turn it into darkest blue.

You just have is to use the A8 resources like it's Pallete and ;) ...

The game need/has always two fixed colours:

-> Black (need for the contour lines and as BAK [00] colour register.

-> White mainly because of the text better looking.


Third colour is blue (dark or light -> if day or night).

4th it's the orange that on A8 we have bronw or a dark pale green to use.


This way you can have buildings in brown, white, blue/dither/white, blue/dither/bronw or brown/dither/white where the doors will then have an opposite colour than the walls (for example: wall white then dooq brown but window can be black or blue).

Don't even worry with the screen divisions panel: We don't need PMGs anywhere so place there PMGs in PRIOR0 and get nice 'wood like' shades of brown ;) Do you see now? Use all from the original and add the A8 resources without need to change nothing from the original. Get it?




P.s.- I am really wondering is how it will turn into C64, mostly the dithering, yes or no this lots of dither use.

Are there already anything started on C64 and some gfxs/screens examples we can see?

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Sure, you can PM him. He's "NRV" here on the forums.


Yep, he doesn't have much time this days, but I believe he is always lurking somewhere near x)


(Timeline for reference..)






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Lawless Legends posted a Playable Demo for KansasFest 2014. I have not located a Video of the Demo Session at KansasFest 2014, yet... It was Live Streamed by ulteriormodern


Download the Apple ][ .DSK and play it in an Apple ][ emulator or on Real Hardware.


The DSK Image is ProDOS 8 V1.9 and will need 64K RAM and has no Basic Programs on the Disk, but might need AppleSoft in ROM. I haven't tried it on my Apple ][, yet.



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The Apple does use artifacting, and it works like you think it does on an Atari, but for two core differences:


Each byte only contains 7 pixels, and the high bit of each byte determines the "color shift" of all pixels in the byte.


This shift means one can get orange / blue artifacts, or magenta / green artifacts within a given byte. It also means there is a color clash too. It's not possible to have green and blue pixels together in the same byte, for example.


An Apple ][ high res screen will deliver these colors (and more, depending on how clever a person is with patterns): orange, blue, green, magenta, white, black. It's a 6 color display, essentially.


7 pixels per byte means maintaining two sets of shifted images, for even and odd bytes... Or dealing with that at run-time.


The other difference, which shows up in a lot of art, including this project, is there being no direct mapping to a 4 color, non-artifacting display on Atari. Antic "E" delivers 4 color pixels, but they are large compared to the artifact pixels an Apple ][ will display. Even though the Apple display is 6 color, individual pixels take on the artifact colors, and in practice those look a whole lot like C64 high-res color pixels, in that one can get a small, color pixel. On Atari, Graphics 8 artifacting works the same way, and one can get a small, color pixel, but there is no color shift, so it's a 4 color, (and more depending on how clever one gets with patterns) display.


I've not seen any C64 art yet, so I don't know if they are gonna use the high-resolution mode and some display tricks, or if they will just go 4 color, maybe incorporate the sprites to make the art work, or just make new art!


Seems to me, whatever the C64 team does could be the basis for the Atari as well. The simplest thing, seen in Prince of Persia, was to just move to 4 color art so that the 2 bit per pixel displays work out nicely.


@All: This is a really freaking cool project!!


I just ran the playable image, and I look forward to following this one. Very nicely done.


And Plasma. Very cool! This makes me want to go and tinker with it some. Very nice HLL for 6502. Looks very optimized, and it sure seems to me like great projects could be done using it, and some in-line native 6502, for things like drawing.


I've one question, and maybe I'll ask it somewhere else: Why not double high-res?


The answer I assume is, "so it runs on Apple ][" and if that is the answer, I'm good with that. Probably the right choice, but man... Sure seems to me like this spiffy ray cast / adventure engine could benefit from the better color / no clash display potential double high res has. And, it would map over to older PC's, say those running CGA Composite doing 16 color artifacting, as well as some other machines with 16 color displays...


Maybe once this project is done, that can happen. Honestly, I'm envisioning people picking up the pieces and doing some great adventure / RPG games with it, sort of like we see happening with the Interactive Fiction Compo every year. Sometimes I will go grab those and play through to catch up, and it's sometimes a very good experience.


In any case, don't take that as a negative. This project kicks ass, and it's really highlighting the Apple ][ in a few ways. Nicely done.

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Just found out by incident that you can press "y" in the demo to cycle the sky through the different bit patterns. Together with the explanation above I think I finally got the idea how the Apple II can look colorful and hires at the same time (though being none of them in reality :-)

And it explains the "Speccy like" approach to the GFX design, putting enough black pixels around everything to prevent color clashes.

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The video of the KansasFest 2014 Demo of Lawless Legends brought up some notable points,,


For the Apple ][ version, a 128K RAM version of the Apple ][e or Apple //c or an Apple ][gs will be needed. I wonder how they plan to get that to work on the Commodore 64?? I also though that the Atari 400/800 was limited to 48K of RAM.


My recent experience with the Radio Shack CoCos, would have me believe a CoCo 3 would be acceptable as well, once PLASMA was ported to the 6809, because the CoCo 3 has 128K RAM by default and the Motorola 6800 series is very similar in design to the 6500 series...



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Just a word here:


CoCo 3?


That machine would rule for this game. Seriously. And Plasma would sing on a 6809. The 6502 stuff done to optimize Plasma works out great. The graphics are straight up bitmap, and....


If you want to, you can write for 256 colors 1 byte / pixel, 160x200. Just saying.... http://atariage.com/forums/blog/105/entry-6693-color-computer-3-artifact-art/


That's available on NTSC machines, otherwise it's 16, 4 or 2 color graphics / scanline.

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