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Atarisoft Prototypes


Atarisoft Prototypes?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to play any of the following prototypes?

    • Dig Dug
    • Joust
    • Moon Patrol
    • Pac Man
    • None of the above

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There are four known Atarisoft prototype roms available in the public domain and three of these games have been suggested for the HSC. These games are all playable (although some have no sound) and can be played on a real ColecoVision, using the rom and one of the AtariMax multicart options or if you're lucky enough to have one of the limited release AtariAge carts. Alternatively they can be played using one of the ColecoVision emulators.


We haven't played prototype games in the HSC before and so I would like to gauge everyone's interest before selecting one to play. So please select which of the four games you would most like to play.

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Same here. But what is the right ROM? the one saying Matt Patrol?

The rom I found online is labeled as "Moon Patrol (1982-84) (Proto)". When I opened it using BlueMSX the title screen says Selma presents "Matt Patrol". I seem to remember reading somewhere that Atarisoft planned to release "Moon Patrol" and had a team working on a release. Either because of business issues between Coleco and Atari or the 1984 crash the game was never released. The team that worked on the Coleco release eventually leaked the rom altering the title screen to read "Selma Presents Matt Patrol" instead of the traditional "Moon Patrol". From what I remember Selma and Matt were two of the people involved in the project.I believe all of the roms no matter what they are named trace back to the original leaked rom. If anyone knows differently feel free to correct me.

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As Manoau2002 indicates, the Moon/Matt Patrol rom file has various names on the internet download scene. To avoid confusion, in case there are in fact some hacked versions of the original rom, I have attached the correct rom file to this post. This file has the correct CRC32 of 90007079.

Matt Patrol (1984) (Atarisoft) (Prototype).zip

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