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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 6.01: Nitro Ball


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Some of you guys are fantastic. I've only managed to beat the first boss once, and then died soon after. This game is easier played without the sound on - I found the sound just drives up the adrenaline. Having said that, my score didn't get any better after playing the the sound off.....






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Nitro Ball: 2,851,440


Pinball Action: 481,580


I didn't play much of the former. I really like pinball, though, so I worked on Pinball Action . . . but man, what awful physics. In Pinball Arcade, my accuracy is pretty good, but in this game, it's like shooting in the dark sometimes. There was even a game where I scored less than 14,000 points total. And after racking up my high score above, further efforts went straight into the toilet; I was scoring less than the first extra ball marker half the time, maybe worse. Really, I don't know how to account for such a dramatic dive in my scores. Didn't feel tired, but still, I guess my recommendation for how to do well at Pinball Action is "don't play for too long"!





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That's the end of this week's competition. I was going to get some more time in on this week's game, but my computer crashed. Stupid hard drive was only 4 months old and I spent the past few days diagnosing and then replacing the drive. Ugh.


Anyway, everything will be tallied up and posted in the next round...coming up!

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