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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 6.05: Moon Cresta


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Aliens swarm at the top of the screen, swooping down on your spacecraft. Your craft begins with three segments, one deployed at a time. After the "insect" and "fireball" levels, you are able to attempt docking the segments together. A successful dock gives you more firepower for the upcoming levels.


Game Information:


Game Name: Moon Cresta

Manufactured By: Nichibustu/1980

Dipswitches: 3 ships. Bonus life at 30K

ROMset: mooncrst.zip

Chosen By: darthkur

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/56901/mame103/Moon-Cresta-Nichibutsu.html


BONUS TIME: Post your fastest docking time. The top 3 docking times will earn bonus points:


Fastest will earn 5 bonus points

2nd fastest will earn 3 bonus points.

3rd fastest will earn 1 bonus point.


High Scores:


1. 50,510 kane [+15]

2. 34,680 NE146 [+14]

3. 23,720 jblenkle [+13]

4. 20,630 onmode-ky [+12]

5. 19,980 GimmeClassics [+11]

6. 19,630 DonPedro [+10]

7. 18,980 darthkur [+9]

8. 16,280 Andyy119 [+8]

9. 14,820 Darrin9999 [+7]

10 14,780 Fallout_002 [+6]

11.11,240 M.A.M.E Offender [+5]

12. 8,640 Cynicaster [+4]

13. 8,360 bigbee99 [+3]

14. 6,240 asponge [+2]

15. 6,180 Deteacher [+1]

16. 5,840 roadrunner [+1]

17. 3,040 S. BAZ [+1]

18. 550 Wolfman24 [+1]

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6,180. I really suck at this game.


I might need to revamp the bonus a little. I thought you could see the tenths of a second after you dock, but you can't. Your bonus is determined by the whole second, not the decimal.


I'll leave it this way for now and if I can figure something else out, I'll change it.

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Yeah, most of the time I dock without using any rockets which will always give you the same time and the max score, it might be a ten-way tie for first.


Maybe it should be the slowest docking time, now that would be tricky...

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I find this game pretty much unplayable. If one is craving some slide-n-shoot action, there are so many games that do it better than this, IMO.


I used to get free games on Moon Cresta all the time and be able to make it to where all the olives (the last enemy) would charge you at once. :lol: It's most definitely is playable and was a very very popular game for a long while. I don't know how good I am now though. :)


One tip: If you plan it right and can be at the right place at the right time (a little to the middle right of the screen) for docking, you don't have to move the joystick or press thrust.

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