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TI-99 Photos Thread! Post your systems here!


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Here's my TI setup so far :) still need to get the F18A and a few other bits ;)




You know, I really like the TI as a tower instead of the original way TI intended it.

So, how many images have you made for your HxC already?


Thanks for sharing the photo of your system, I never get enough of seeing all the various ways people set up their systems.

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I have the starter image you made (which is awesome :) ) plus all rasmus games and maybe 10 or so other games.


The carts in my widgit say ti invaders and munchman but really those are 512k cart boards in there w/ Gazoo gamecart 1&2 and my XB 2.7 suite sitting on the console since it don't like widgit ;)


I loved and used (past tense) the widget all the time, but honestly since XB v2.7S, it kind of sits off to the side unused about 3/4 of the time now.

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Not yet :/ been playing games :P I'll try it soon :)


I really like the calendar memo program, and the screensaver(where there ever any other screen saver programs made with different designs?)


Oh I *LOVE* that calendar program, and I'm so happy that a guy I know is investigating the possibility of making a PGRAM card with an built-in MBP clock. That'll really bring out more utility in that program. :)


I've never seen any other programs like SAVER, if you ever find one, please let me know. I'm hoping that someday someone will make a version that exploits the F18A's abilities too.

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I was avoiding posting in this thread because, well, a plain silverbox with nothing interesting attached... you've all seen that already.

So lately I've gotten some STUFF. Granted just a few things, but...



^^ NanoPEB v1 from the latest batch, original E/A cart, plus bonus Shamus cart which is the *only* TI thing I've been able to find scouring likely local shops & online classifieds other than the console itself. (Shamus was a pretty cool thing to stumble on in itself, I played the HELL out of it on my C64 as a kid! I remember being SUPER impressed with how quickly it loaded back then, compared to my other favourite games which were disk-based, not really understanding the difference at the time.)


Anyway you might notice the NanoPEB is unplugged. Well I have this perfect little regulated switching adapter that should run it fine:


...and in order to run THAT, since I am now in North America, I was intending to use this cheap outlet adapter from the dollar store:


...except that it literally shorts & trips the breakers in my house just by plugging it in! WTF? How can they sell this trash in shops?


Yeah, so DONT USE JUNK OUTLET ADAPTERS. I'm glad nothing was actually plugged into it when I noticed this lovely little problem. My NanoPEB arrived like five days ago and I haven't even been able to power it on because I haven't had time to go out and get a decent adapter. (Also I *hate* trying to run Europlugs with the "short" contacts & black plastic shanks on those stupid universal plugs - they never stay in contact! Go Shucko or go home!)


Sorry that rant is getting a little off topic. Back to pics. I was trying to use this adorable tiny mp3 player as my 'cassette deck' but I haven't gotten it to work no matter what I do. Basic always gives me a 'no data found' error after a few seconds. Anyone had any luck with something like this?



A few older pics from my other thread... Here's my monitor for the TI - just a cute little 13" TV/VHS, currently at 'oh god my neck' elevation above the console (will rearrange that soon.) Works great though, impressively good picture from RF:



I'll build a composite cable later, is fine for now.


...Aaaaaand I've even got the box & docs, as mentioned:


^^ with strangely-shaped styrofoam clamshell still intact!


That's it for now! Will be a fun setup now that I've got enough accessories to do interesting things with it!

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On this MP3 player, most all of them now attenuate the output (to protect your ears), and the result is an output with levels below what the TI can use.


I was once able to bypass the limiting resistor on an older unit by directly connecting up one side directly to chassis ground. Better check your schematic first (if you have one) to see if this is even a viable solution for your unit.





About that keyboard situation.... there are rumors of something in the pipeline... but it's probably months if not even a year away. I'm in the same boat as you. I was going to get a PS/2 keyboard mod this month, but like the last two items from this individual, it turned into vaporware.



Great posts! I'm loving all the details and photos lately.

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You guys (and gals??) have no idea how exciting it is to finally participate in this thread...my PEB arrived today (along with TurboForth 1.2.1...gonna be a busy week-end).




Was so in a hurry to post this picture, that the PEB isn't connected yet (duh! kind of obvious since I have the nanoPEB title screen), but here's my baby in all her glory...


...now consider that 2 weeks ago, I hadn't owned anything 4A related in 30 years, and you can imagine the havock putting this together so quickly has wreaked upon my bank account.


and worth every penny!


one intersting final sidebar note...I have a REAL suspicion, that I got my original PEB back from 30 years ago (how cool would that be if I'm right!?!). I bought this one locally (from here in Canada, and close enough that shipping was just $27 - with 3 cards in the box!), but the real holy-sh*t moment was a scratch on the case that my wife remembers putting on it while cleaning years ago (I must have been quite upset with her for her to remember). Of course we could both simply be old, senile and imagining things.


(Speaking of the wife, she IS complaining that she wants HER dining room table back, but I got her the Complete Little House of the Prairies blu-ray (egads) for Christmas, so that bought me at least 2 weeks to find an alternative location.)

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Yay!!! haha. I was confused at first.. I couldn't find the thread because I was looking in the programming forum.


Cool. The Thread was renamed.. I was going to edit (Possible Sticky) out of the thread...

Edited by slinkeey
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My computer workspace has more in common with a blast zone than a neat and orderly workspace. I may work to make it a presentable space one of these days and take pictures. There are a lot of pictures out there from individual items from my collection--though nothing approximating the totality of things. My wife is still plotting to find a way to make my computer space her space (getting rid of all of my stuff in the process), but I've been able to resist her demands in that direction, much to her dismay. . .

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My TI.




I must admit I use it mostly for final tests to see that my own stuff is working, but I really like the Lotharek HxC drive I've got for Christmas. This makes it easy to browse through a bunch of disks, but I still wish for an easy, one key, way to catalog DSK1.

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