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PS Plus freebies


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How about a running thread to discuss the updated free offerings in the PS Plus "Instant Game Collection"? We can share thoughts on which games are worth valuable hard drive space and which we can skip.


December looks like it's going to be a good month. Dirt 2 went live yesterday, December 3rd. It got very mixed reviews when it was released, but I really enjoy driving games so I went ahead and downloaded it. I haven't fired it up yet, though.


I'm also looking forward to Borderlands 2. I'd love to organize some co-op sessions here at some point.


There's also a game called Dyad being offered some time this month, but I know nothing about it.

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I think you mean Grid 2, not Dirt 2. :)


Borderlands 2 is fun but I've heard conflicting opinions about Dyad. I'm not too exited about it truthfully. Things look better on the PS4 side right now. Contrast looks good, as does that Ninja game whose name escapes me.


Actually, December seems a bit light on PS3 games compared to previous months. I hope it isn't because Sony is cutting back on the free game collection now that PS+ is mandatory for PS4 multiplayer.

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I think you mean Grid 2, not Dirt 2. :)



Ha! You're right. No idea where that came from.


I wouldn't be surprised at all if Sony cut back on the PS Plus offerings. They spent the first year trying to get everyone to pay for it by showing how awesome it is. Now that they're into the second year they might add just enough games to keep subscribers interested. My subscription has already paid for itself this year with the games I've already downloaded, so I won't complain too much.


The PS4 game catalog is still so small that I think the PS3 will get the bulk of the freebies from Plus for at least the next year, which is good for us late-comers.

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I think you guys forgot the BEST game that's out there: Resogun





Don't forget the Vita stuff like Soul Sacrifice.


One of the coolest Vita games I got for PSplus is Zero Escape a few months back. Its a bizarre visual novel puzzle game where you are trapped in this madman's (a crazy rabbit) place and must escape with a group of other people. Good stuff....


Gravity Rush was another good game on the Vita as well.


I'm glad I started adding Vita games and checking them out cause I ended up buying one a few months ago.

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I've been picking up the Vita freebies, too! I finished Zero Escape over the Thanksgiving break. I think. I say "I think" because I'm not really sure what happened at the end. It got to the point where I was supposed to accuse someone of being the likely killer. My partner disagreed with my choice, then after a bit more dialogue it said "To be continued." So I don't know if my wrong choice prematurely ended the game or if that is the actual cutoff before the next installment of the game.


I downloaded Soul Sacrifice but haven't really played it yet. It looks interesting but might be a bit too hardcore for me.


Gravity Rush was very fun! It has one of the best flight/movement schemes I've ever experienced in a game. I got frustrated at the wonky lock-on for attacks, though.

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This week is Borderlands 2 for free.


Plus these discounts:


Tomb Raider Bundle: $13.49
MLB 13 The Show: $10.00
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara: $3.75
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires: $5.00
Dragon’s Crown: $26.99
One Piece Pirate Warriors 2: $12.50
Spelunky (Cross-Buy): $3.75
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I started the download for Borderlands 2 earlier but didn't check the discounted games. Went back in and got Chronicles of Mystara and Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires. Might pick up MvC Origins or Spelunky later if it's still available next week or so.



Always wanted to try Dynasty Warriors...its got this cult following so they keep making games for it. Is it strictly a beat em up? I saw vids and reviews where you basically have choices of many characters to go through a beat em' up rampage through hordes of enemies....sounds repetitive but most people say its addicting.

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Dyad is free this week.



Among these discounted gems:

Guacamelee! ($3.75; Cross-Buy) --> this is a must buy

God of War: Ascension ($10)

Knytt Underground ($2.50; Cross-Buy)

PixelJunk Shooter 2 and PixelJunk SideScroller ($2.50 each)

Limbo PS3 and PS Vita ($3.75 each)

Beat Hazard Ultra ($2.50).



Guacamelee is $3.75


It's $3.75......Guacamelee

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Slim pickins this week, but we've been spoiled. They announced 2 good Vita games that were coming in December, so I was hoping one would drop this week.


As for discounts, I'm bummed that Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the Vita version only. I'd love to have that for PS3.


I'd never heard of Dyad. Any good?

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Wow. I remember playing DmC on my PS2. Is it the same game?


Ehhhhhhh....yes and no. The combat system is a bit different than in DMC 3 and the guy (Dante) looks kind of goofy with a somewhat disturbed EMO look to him.


The gameplay is still pretty solid but many fans are divided over the games gameplay and the EMO guy himself.

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Not freebies but this is an impressive sale this week:



PS3 Games
(regular discount/Plus discount)
Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien ($7.49/$3.75)
Crysis 3 ($10/$5)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut ($15/$13.49)
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ($10/$5)
F1 2013 ($30/$21)
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ($7.49/$3.75)
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut ($7.49/$5.24)*
Pool Nation ($4.49/$2.25)
Puppeteer ($14/$7)
Rain ($7.49/$3.75)
Rayman Legends ($48/$36)
Tales of Xillia ($20/$10)
The Wolf Among Us - Season Pass ($15/$13.49)
Thomas Was Alone ($5/$2.50)*
Vita Games
(regular discount/Plus discount)
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two ($15/$7.49)
Killzone: Mercenary ($18/$9)
Limbo ($7.49/$3.75)
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut ($7.49/$5.24)*
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ($10/$5)
Pixejunk Monsters Ultimate HD ($7.49/$3.75)
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ($13.49/$6.75)
Soul Sacrifice ($18/$9)
Spelunky ($7.49/$3.75)*
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark ($6/$4.19)
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season ($10/$5)
Thomas Was Alone ($5/$2.50)*
Velocity Ultra ($4/$2)
Worms Revolution Extreme ($7.49/$3.75)
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Metro 2033 had problems but was still fun. I've never played Last Light, but from what I've read most of the technical problems from the first game were fixed. The biggest issue with it was that they removed Ranger difficulty (the hardest mode) from the game so the could sell it as DLC for $5. That pissed off a lot of people.


Totalbiscuit seemed to enjoy Last Light, and I'm more inclined to trust him over IGN anyway. I'm looking forward to playing it.

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