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Season 7 Round 11 - Dig Dug


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Dig Dug


Dodging and blasting Pookas, and dropping rocks on fire-breathing Fygars; Dig Dug burrows his way through a maze of subterranean paths. Ripe fruits and veggies, loaded with points, are his passion. But the evil denizens of the underground pack a potentially lethal wallop, and can hide behind fruits. Even when Dig Dug kills them they may come back as Ghosts. Ghosts don't need tunnels and are harder to kill. Luckily, when the chips are down, they turn out to be cowards... and worth points.

Game Information

Game Name: Dig Dug
Released by: Atarisoft, 1984 (prototype)
Original arcade game by: Atari, 1982
CV HSC High Score: NA
TwinGalaxies High Score: 1,132,540 by Tom Duncan (Dec 2004)
Settings: Novice
This game was suggested by: Manoau2002

Contest Ends

Saturday, 11 January
at 12:00PM EST

Contest Rules

The HSC rules can be found here

ROM File

Dig Dug for the ColecoVision was sadly never commercially released. It is not known if programming (by Larry Clague) was complete but the "prototype" rom that is publically available on the internet is fully playable.

There are a few ROM variants out there (at least one is simply an overdump). To ensure that everyone playing this round is using the same ROM please download the attached and either play on a real CV using a multicart or use your favourite emulator (blueMSX is recommended).

Dig Dug (1984)(Atarisoft)(proto).zip

Final High Scores

1. Northcoastgamer 839,430 [+100]
2. jblenkle 416,770 [+50]
3. Darrin9999 239,990 [+29]
4. darthkur 203,580 [+24]
5. roadrunner 138,220 [+16]
6. nanochess 126,930 [+15]
7. ed1475 56,750 [+7]
8. BillyHW 15,000 [+2]

Leaderboard (up to end of prior round)

1. Northcoastgamer [780] (9) 7 5 1
2. jblenkle [515] (10) 2 2
3. Colecovision [448] (10) 1 2
4. ed1475 [422] (10) 1 2 1
5. CoLethalVision [366] (7) 1 1
6. nanochess [363] (10) 1
7. darthkur [291] ( 8) 1
8. roadrunner [252] (10)
9. Ikrananka [202] (6) 1
10. Darrin9999 [181] (5) 1 2
11. gamecat80 [147] (2) 1 1
12. S.BAZ [115] (3)
13. Manoau2002 [109] (4)
14. SpiceWare [81] (4)
15. Electric Adventures [57] (2)
16. patbb [53] (1)
17. Gaztee [43] (5)
18. wolfman24 [41] (4)
19. Liduario [33] (1)
20. chuckwalla [27] (1)
21. DonPedro [24] (1)
22. RJ [13] (1)
23. LoTonah [4] (1)

[ ] = Points
( ) = Rounds Played
BLUE = Rounds Won
PURPLE = Twin Galaxies Challenge Medals Won
GOLD = Seasons Won
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Cmon guys, I've had my CV hooked up for weeks now, start picking some games I have! :P


(Actually, of the remaining games, I only have about 1/4 of them)

Sorry RJ - I have a system where I try and prioritise those games that haven't ever been played in the HSC or haven't been played for some time. I take everyone's games suggestions and prioritise the list. I also, where possible, try and ensure that a maximum of two out of three of each players suggestions are played throughout the season. I will freely acknowledge that none of your suggestions have yet been picked - the main reason being that two of them have been played within the past 12 months. Nevertheless, rest assured that at least one of your selections will be played but it may be a month or so away.


I also try and randomise the game genre so, for instance, we don't get two schmups or two platformers in a row.


How about buying one of AtariMax's multicarts? They are expensive but worth every dollar and would solve your problem in one go.

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Wow, I WAS expecting a response like this, just not so soon. I really was only kidding :)


& I have 2 kids to provide for & way more important stuff to spend my $$$ on a multicart for a friendly video game contest.

You could also play the games you don't own in an emulator like bluemsx.


Hopefully I will be able to rejoin the hsc soon. I was hired into a management position at work and Ive been very busy with training ect.

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