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Good Odyssey 2 Price?


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What is a reasonable price for the Odyssey 2 complete without box or instruction manual (both controllers, TV hookup, and power adapter)? Additionally, what is a reasonable price for one boxed? I've been searching for some information and haven't found anything really useful or up to date. I see some on Ebay or Craig's List and they seem relatively cheap these days compared to other consoles of the era. I know it does not have the following that other systems have, but I'd like to add one to my collection if I can get one reasonably priced. Thank you.

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After watching auctions on eBay for a while, I bought a tested, working unboxed O2 recently. I paid $61 plus shipping; that included power supply, cables and controllers, and ten of the better common games, such as KC Munchkin and UFO! The games were all in mediocre boxes with instructions.


From what I can see, that was a decent price, but not exactly a bargain. You often see O2s starting at $20, but the cheap ones are often untested and sold as-is.

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They are very cheap, generally. You can get a boxed one with some boxed games for less than $50, typically. There are a few games that (if included) will drive it up, such as Quest for the Rings, Conquest of the World, or Wall Street Fortune Hunt. These are somewhat elaborate (for the time) hybrid board/video games.

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I'm working on a buying guide for the O2 for my blog right now, but the advice you've gotten so far is accurate. Boxed O2s are very inexpensive. There are two major variants: detachable controllers and non-detachable controllers. Silver controllers are detachable. The first models came with these. Some black ones are detachable, but the vast majority are not. I prefer the detachable, but the non-detachable ones are easily replaced by opening the console.


Also, early models may have a proprietary RF tip, similar to the one on the original Odyssey. Later models use the standard "phono" RF tip. If you get the former, you'll need the proprietary switchbox to get it to work. But it's also fairly easy to mod if you have a spare phono cable.

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I used to have a cat that was completely freaked out by the voice add-on. He would creep up to it slowly, then when it spoke, he would jump straight up and freak out. 2 minutes later, he was back creeping up to it.


I wish I had a video camera back then...

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The Voice module is a little spendy. Probably around $50. But it is an absolute necessity for the Odyssey 2. The voice is creepy, but makes otherwise dull games very fun.

Boxed? I got mine loose for 25$ on eBay. At the end it cost me much more, but that's because I got it shipped in Europe (so there was more shipping than item).

The voice isn't that creepy, but it may depend on games.


One thing to know is that the voice is excellent, compared to the Intellivision module, and more games uses the Voice! than on Intelli as well.

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