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IntyBASIC compiler


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Hi guys.


Along with Space Raid for Intellivision I've been working is this "ultrasecret" project and finally it is giving results TODAY Jan/27/2014 :)


So I announce the IntyBASIC compiler :)


This is a command-line integer cross-compiler of a small subset of BASIC, it generates assembler for using with as1600, that in turn generates the final executable runnable in real Intellivision and/or emulation via jzintv.


I want to do some more tests before releasing it as an executable, but I'm publishing here some example files (BAS source and final binary) for your enjoyment 8)


It significatively eases writing games for Intellivision. I know it because the examples I'm attaching were written in less than an hour each one.


Edit: Jan/28/2014. now uploaded v0.1 of IntyBASIC compiler :), executables for both Win and Mac. Along with another minigame example (game2.bas named inside Barzack)

Edit: Feb/01/2014, an updated executable for Mac OS X 10.6 and upwards is now available in post #66 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221362-intybasic-compiler/page-3?do=findComment&comment=2918660

Edit: Feb/03/2014, now uploaded v0.2 of IntyBASIC compiler. Updated executables for Win, Mac and now Linux. Added title.bas sample. BITMAP statement enhanced. More descriptions in manual.

Edit: Feb/07/2014, now uploaded v0.3 of IntyBASIC compiler. Added read-only arrays with DATA, arrays with DIM statement. And memory limit detection for variables. Solved various minor bugs and updated manual.

Edit: Feb/12/2014, now uploaded v0.4 of IntyBASIC compiler. Solved bug when assigning to array with constant index. Updated manual slightly.





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Oh baby, you know what I like!


Just promise me you won't do what that Martijn Wenting guy did and announce a BASIC compiler without actually releasing one. God, it's been years and I'm STILL pissed about that!


It will be released. Start counting seven days from now 8) (althought it could be less ;))

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I passed morning debugging last few quirks and I wrote another game in under a hour (game2.bas, codenamed Barzack) :)


Said I seven days? better one :D


I think it works just fine so I'm uploading the first version of it. (check first post)


Please report any bugs found.

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Does this need files from jzintv? jzintv doesn't like my Win 8 64-bit install for some reason.


It works standalone.


But you'll need at least as1600 or a compatible assembler to process the compilation result and generate the bin file for emulation.

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Good stuff! Just took a very quick look at one of the demo games final output and I have some suggestions :-


- How about using cart.mac? Its the modern way ;)

- Maybe including tighter integration with the sdk1600 library code to make use of printing, memory copy, memory fill, voice etc.

- Sound code seems to wait for the ISR to trigger. How about updating it in the ISR instead? That way you can play sounds and "do work" at the same time.

- Looking at your ISR "display kernel" it'd be an ideal candidate to allow fractional positioning in the game's main loop as I outlined here.

- Move GRAM reprogramming to after the MOBs have been updated. During VBLANK you are allowed to access GRAM/GROM for longer than the STIC's MOB registers (see interrupts.txt in the sdk1600 programming folder for more info).

- Maybe add kernel build options to call the Inty tracker routines, hand controller button handling etc.

- Any plans to support on cart RAM?


Anyways... Its a brilliant addition to the Inty game development tools and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it.

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