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Which console is better? Atari or NES?

Best game console ever?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite 8-bit game console?

    • Atari VCS
    • NES
    • Other (please specify)

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NES for me.


While my first console was an Atari 2600 with the fake wood front and I do love the system, I prefer the richer gaming experiences the NES provides.


They're really so different that I don't compare them. Just in this thread.


Most of what I liked on the 2600 were arcade ports. These days I have classic compilations or MAME to give me near-arcade equivalent experiences. The same goes for much of my NES collection, but there are more unique games that I enjoyed on my NES than the 2600.

For the purposes of this thread, I chose NES too.


However, I actually think the Atari VCS has a wider variety of games.


I can't imagine life without good ol' Rabbit Transit on the 2600.

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I agree with you about the 2600 ports bit. NES is still awesome even today. What I really love about Atari as far as staying relevant is the incredible homebrew scene. While there are good NES homebrew, they don't really push the envelope that much compared to existing games. However, it never ceases to amaze me how far Atari brew manages to push the envelope beyond what anyone could imagine. Yes, NES was/is my first love, but with the raw graphics/sound, Atari just has a feel all it's own. I'll be the first to admit however it is an aquired taste. Soon I'll be expanding my repertoire with a 7800 and the 30th PMP anniversary cart. NES is just too hard not to love though.

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