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New Vectrex Multicarts from Madtronix


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Awesome Video, Bro!

I love your stuff so much!


What about an Episode every second day? ^^

Would love to do that, but unfortunately I am not Mark from "Classic Game Room" ;-)

The story intros with Mrs. VectrexRoli take quite some time to produce, so I don´t do that for every episode.

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She's a good sport or his game collection would be all over ebay by now.

Yes you are right. She does not understand everything I am collecting, but in real life she is not against it. She is also playing games, but mostly point & click adventures, some 3DS games and light gun shooters.

We also thought it would be more fun that Mrs. VectrexRoli does not force him to sell all his stuff, as she hopes for a "better future" where she can sell all the "crap" her husband was collecting all the years as we show it here:





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You should do an episode where a price guide arrives and you don't remember ordering it. Then later you find price labels on all your stuff.

Ha ha ha, honestly that´s a great idea! :grin: :thumbsup:

I like that. I will put it on my "list of ideas" for sure and maybe I will steal that great idea from you for a later episode.

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Love you're show. Would love to see you do a review about the steel battalion controller.


Thanks, I always wanted to do that, it is still on my list. I still would need a lot of training as it is quite hard to remember all those buttons and normally I prefer simple and easy old school arcade games. :-D

But one day I will make the review for sure.

Next in my queue is a video about the Firefox F7 VFD tabletop game and today we also shot already some scenes with Mrs. VectrexRoli for my upcomming MBX gaming system review.

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Love your Vectrex videos! Do you do them in German also, or just English. I only speak English, just wondering.

Only in English, it is too much effort producing everything twice. German would be much easier for me of course but as I had already so many retro gaming friends abroad, I decided to do everything in bad English with a strong Austrian accent.

There was only one single episode where we had some text in Russian language as I showed a Russian home computer. :-D

We didn´t have native speakers for that, but at least I had a Croation colleague that was quite good in that language.

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