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Hi there


For June, we have super nice games coming up!


One of them will be a SuperGame!

In fact, it is a MSX game ported to the CV

Yes, the SGM is really required! ;)

I think everybody will be pleased by this release!



Meanwhile, here's a screenshot of the game itself :P

Let's the speculations begin! :D




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A sad news... again a MSX port. (for me) :(


I know you have other game in your pipeline that are lot of more interresting!.. i'm looking foward for them.


and i know there is one that will interrest a lot PixelBoy... ;)

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- A surprise MSX port that no one saw coming... What could it be, Batman?- A game that requires the Super Game Module and probably the MegaCart as well...- Holy 8-bit, Batman!- Yes, Robin, it can only be one thing...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyaFewVoR2Q





I didn't know there was Batman on MSX. C64 and Gameboy versions were nicer on the eyes but I'll still be all over this if its true.

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