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Thrift store games for sale - portable and handheld games


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Edited bump.


A Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi-XL, model UTL-001(USA). This DSi-XL is in great shape great shape on the outside. On the inside, the console is fully functional, with working buttons and bright screens. The screens have obvious scratches and spots, but they do not distract from game play. The touch screen works flawlessly. The battery is in good shape, taking a full charge and still showing a full charge after more than half an hour of continuous use. I do not have access to any compatible wireless access points to test network connectivity, but the parental controls are disabled, so wireless can be configured. Both cameras work. Games play without issue. Stylus and power supply included. Asking $30. Sold!

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Edited bump.


Six Game Gear consoles in various states of repair. All are in good physical shape, and all have decent screen covers. There are some scratches and other visible scuffs and blemishes, but nothing that would detract from game play. Unfortunately they all suffer from some assortment of the usual Game Gear issues... Asking $7 each. All sold!


Two Super Wide Gears, Sega's first-party Game Gear screen magnifiers. Both have some scratches and other visible scuffs, but are all in one piece with no cracks or chips, and the screens are in good enough shape to work as intended. No mounting screws. Asking $3 each. All sold!


Two Sega-branded Game Gear battery packs. Untested and presumed dry. One is stamped as Nickel-Cadmium, while the other has an add-on sticker stating the battery is Nickel-Cadmium. Asking $5 each. All sold!


One set of Performance-branded Game Bear battery packs. Also untested and presumed dry. These originally came with their own separate power cable, which is not included here. Asking $1. Sold!


Four Sega-branded Game Gear carrying cases. Each has places for the console and first-party accessories including power supply, battery pack, screen magnifier and TV tuner.  All sold!


Two third-party Game Gear carrying cases.  Both sold!


A Glacier Game Boy Advance. No battery door. Some visible scratches on the screen, but nothing that detracts from game play. Tested with batteries and found to be fully functional. Asking $10. Sold!


Two Nintendo-branded Game Boy battery packs. Untested and presumed dry. Each includes the power cord. Asking $3 each. All sold!


Another Nintendo-branded Game Boy battery pack. This one does not have its power cord, and the tip of the Game Boy connecting cord has broken off.  Asking $1.  Sold!


A Sony PlayStation Portable, model PSP-3001. Unit is functional and in good shape. Sony-branded 1200mAh battery pack included. Battery door included. 2GB Sandisk-branded Memory Stick Pro Duo included. Power supply not included. Battery is in good shape, taking a full charge and still showing a full charge after 30 minutes of UMD game play. Screen has some minor blemishes that do not distract from game play. Firmware 6.60. Asking $15. Sold!

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Edited bump.


A Pearl Blue Game Boy Advance SP, model AGS-101 with the nice back-lit display. There are just a few very minor blemishes on the screen, which do not detract from game play and really aren't even noticeable when the system is turned on. The light is bright and colors are vibrant. The battery is good, taking a charge and still going strong after more than half an hour of play. A Nintendo-branded AGS-002 power supply is included. Asking $50.  Sold!


A white Nintendo DSi, model TWL-001. This system was working great as I was testing it, and then suddenly it snapped off and refused to turn back on. A quick battery swap with another DSi confirmed the problem is not the battery. Apparently others have had this issue, and there seems to be no single solution, though some people reportedly did revive their DSi's by repairing fuses inside the system. For all I know this is an easy fix, but I don't have the resources to pursue it. When it was working, the screens were bright with good color, the cameras and microphone all worked, wireless Internet worked, and the battery was strong. The screens have screen protectors which are very scratched and worn, but these can be replaced easily. A stylus is included. A soft case is also included, but as you can see in the picture, it's rather dirty, so consider it optional. Asking $5 "for parts".  Sold!


Here's another PlayStation Portable PSP-3001 up for grabs. This one is also in great shape, with a clear, bright display and just a few minor blemishes on the screen, which do not distract from play. A Sony-branded battery pack and a Sony-branded 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo are included. The battery is strong, taking a full charge and still showing a full charge after more than 30 minutes of continuous UMD-based play. Firmware 6.37 installed. Asking $35. Sold!


And yet another malfunctioning Game Gear. This one won't even turn on. It's also missing its battery doors, and there is rust and corrosion on one of the battery terminals. But maybe someone can work a miracle? Asking $5 "for parts". Sold!


Plants vs. Zombies, complete and in great shape for the Nintendo DS! Asking $7. Sold!


NCAA Football 10, complete and in great shape for the Sony PSP! The UMD shell has a few minor scratches, but the disc within is just about perfect. Asking $10.  Sold!


Pac-Man World Rally, also complete and in great shape for the Sony PSP! Again, the UMD shell isn't mint, but the disc inside is beautiful. Asking $10.  Sold!

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Ugh now I really do need to find it. My kid lost her copy of that Mario game. I had the case+manual for like 6mo, finally found a cheap copy locally at a show, then she loses it less than a month later which is weird as she had a good many DS games and all accounting for, even those she's done and over with. I'm hoping it turns up still but I have to figure it got dropped. I may pm for the Namco game though, was going to combine on it.

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A fresh batch of PSP, GBA and DS games are now for sale.  These include...




Star Ocean: First Departure, game and case for the PSP!  Asking $10.


Everything new and everything still for sale is in the first post.  Be sure to check out the consoles thread for even more new bits!

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