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vectrex tale of woe


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Hey all


A while back I bought a vectrex in working order. The pic was a bit dim and out of whack, but it was playable. I got the bright idea to run a capkit through it to brighten things up, and now when I fire it up the LOPT is literally smoking :)


Anyone know where I can source a new LOPT, or any ideas what would be causing it? Im running on the assumption that recapping has restored voltages back to levels the old LOPT cant handle..........


Or, is there anyone who can fix this for me in exchange for cash? Im in Western Australia.


thanks and regards.



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Sorry for your loss man. I know little about Vectrex repair but I would assume that is one of the easier parts to come by. Just cuz flyback transformers were very common. It's probably not as unique as some of the chips in there. I may be way off though. Every time I turn on my Vectrex there is a little fear that this is going to be the time where smoke pours out of it. Part of me wants to wrap it in bubble wrap and put it in a box where I know it's safe. But the only thing worse then a broken Vectrex is a working Vectrex thats not getting played.

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