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Sneak Preview


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as some of you already have seen this... I just wanted to show you what we are working at the moment.



not sure into what this envolves... ;) but some might know already... ;)


Kudos to Popmilo & Oswald


ps. this is old preview with low freame rate and a lot missing in this prototype etc...





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I can see where the obvious temptation where to go with this but I hope you change it up a bit, ROF & KR are what they are..Tough acts to follow..


BUT its looking really nice and you guys have the skills to mould it into anything you want, great tech demo..


Send the source to Pete to show him what a proper teaser looks like....Real code, real work...

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I've done stuff similar to this on a PC before, just in pure 'C' and without any libraries and it was a lot of hard work.


However to do something like this on the Atari 8 bit and in Assembly is amazing.


Can I ask how your clipping algorithm works? It looks like it is looking for the centre of the mountain peak, and if it is <0 (i.e. behind you), it is cutting out the whole mountain. Will this remain like this or is it possible to render the rear of the mountain?

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I guess we are going to clip everything behind and everything out of view or calculated distance will pop out or in... Similar to RoF. Little bit more cheating can be done like I showed here... Instead of using a 3 col gfx mode the mode10... Then you could fade in vertices like in Koronis Rift... I have not yet decided which mode I will use at the end...


First task is right now to get the full engine up and running... At the moment the grid rendering is on the list.

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