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Intellivision Baseball League


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I used to do stuff like this when i was a kid. Have the computer play itself. Used to do that with Super Pro Football and Body Slam mostly. With Body Slam i had a paper with wrestlers for NWA and WWF written down on it and the wrestlers had to climb the ladder and go after their titles. I used to have way too much enjoyment with that. lol


Same here ... I used to play a game called Colonial Conquest on the C64 that let you play as Japan, Russia, UK, France, Germany or the US. You could, however, turn them all to computer and let them duke it out for world domination.


Funny how often Russia and Germany won and how seldom the US did.

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Today's Raiders/Spartans game should be a good one - who can forget 1942's run up to the pennant, 16 inning pitcher's duel between the two storied clubs. Though I'm a bit disappointed the Raider's skip is going with the the rookie phenom on the hill for opening day..

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Raiders threaten in the 9th, but Spartans hold on 4-3.



It's actually fun to watch. A lot of close plays at bases. The player's colors aren't perfected, but it's minor. And it's so fast! It's like watching a real game on fast forward.

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