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Vectrex Japanese Titles...


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A good way to start a collection ?

I don't have a Vectrex yet so don't know whether to keep or sell.

These are near enough mint condition.


Depends on how you look at it I guess....I just got my first vectrex, and have been trolling ebay to get some of the common games. There are quite a few Japanese games on there right now from Japan with "free" shipping (that all end tomorrow it seems, just search "vectrex japanese"). Most have only one bid but it's for 99$ in most cases.


So if you want to build a collection, maybe the best way to do so is sell the Japanese versions and buy the (cheaper) American versions.

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The Japanese, until perhaps the most current generation, have always been horribly xenophobic to Western consoles and games.


Those two Kouso games are the two "unique" titles, in that the names are different, and thus the boxes are printed as such (instead of being the Western boxes with Kouso stickers on them) and the overlays are printed as such. The other Kouso games have the same boxes with stickers as the Western versions, and the overlays are identicial. For all games, the ROMs are the same. The manuals are always in Japanese at least.

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