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Is the PS3 Move Worth Getting?


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I like mine. There's a vast Neo Geo library including arcade games from before the MVS/AES era. There's some really good collections including Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. You have access to loads of past PS1 games US and Japan. It's also is a really good Blu-Ray and Streaming machine. It's an all around machine and why I haven't/won't part with mine.

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I've had the move for about 3 years. I got a good deal on it at a used game store.


I bought it mainly for Resident Evil 5.


I played through and beat Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and all the additional content using the move controls and it was a pretty good experience. Still need to give the RE rails shooters a go with it.


My son finds it way easier to build levels in Little Big Planet using the move.


The move enabled Tiger Woods demo felt decent.


Other than those three games I can't really remember using it for anything.


I have ps move sports (still sealed) but never bothered with it.


I have no regrets getting it. It was worth it to me for Resident Evil 5 alone.


That said I am also a fan of the Wii so games like Trauma Center, Metroid Prime, and Resident Evil 4 sold me on motion controls.


They're pretty sweet when done right.

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Thanks! I don't have any idea either. Seen prices all over the board. You can always PM me.

Make me an offer I guess. Looks like that setup would run $40 if purchased used from Gamestop and these are new and unused. So make an offer based on that info I guess.
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I had fun with the sharpshooter attachment on killzone. You can do a forward thrust with it to do melee attacks (sort of like a bayonet stab). It took a little bit to calibrate, but I racked up some decent scores with it online.


I lost interest in killzone, sold my move set up, ended up buying a 3d TV, and started playing killzone in 3d with the regular controller.

Life is strange.

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