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PRO ( C ) ATARI - Issue #3 ENGLISH EDITION available now ... !


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Just read issue 3. some more feedback !


Is there a break even # of subscribers for the magazines itself?

I would prefer more pages and more articles and to keep the "advertising" down to a few pages - I found that the later Page 6 mags had lots of internal advertising pages which where repeated each issue. I understand was to support the magazine, but I found it disappointing and a bit of a waste of space. So what I'm saying is I would prefer a more expensive magazine (if necessary) if it meant more pages/quality articles. Perhaps I am wishing, but if you were to say with 100 readers at nn Euros you can cover the costs then people might rally to support this more?


Another thought is whether you can work more closely with abbuc but this may not be something either party would want to do. A combined Mag or English version of both etc. Or even English translation of the game reviews from abbuc in Pro C ??![*]


I prefer the more heart-felt detailed games reviews that inspire you to dig out the game, like the ones for Techno Ninja or Cultivation rather than those that only describe the games in brief.


I didn't like the 3 pages in the English mag about a game only available in German text (you expressed concern in the mag); the first page was interesting as a review but the other 2 pages might have been better used with another article [*see above].


Try and get someone fluent in English (who knows the game) to read the English translations of German articles e.g. the M.U.L.E. review was a little bit out here and it's such a good game.


I really liked the magazine disk article as it is really an "Atari news section" covering (almost) all that is going on.


I'd like more detailed reviews of new stuff/recent releases with positive suggesions for improvements (the authors are probably reading and might even make some changes).


How about asking more than one person to review the same game or review comparisons of similar type games. Perhaps a main review and a couple of smaller comments from others about the same game. No point covering bad games in detail as there are many good and less know ones to tackle ;)


Keep up the good work and the focus on A8 gaming :thumbsup:


Jason :)

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Heyho Steve & Jason... thanks for your feedback and your point of view on the magazine. Any feedback is welcome and makes the magazine in future hopefully better...


The total amount is splitting every time different. In total (german + english version) there are around 700 units at users. But we have to see: 400 untis are spread for free by ABBUC with their magazine. Makes this sense, yes or no? - Well... for me it is important the people read the magazine. Already I get from the ABBUC side some feedback from users, just me into ABBUC on nostagalic reasons. But when they read the PRO© ATARI magazine they follow the scene be emulator or even built up / bought new original system, as the fire burns again! Such things makes me really happy and it is what the magazine should be: An interface between scene and users and bring both together.


Advertisement is hard to get but necessary as the total is a lost of money. Just to be honest: Within Germany it is Euro 3,00 incl. postage, outside Germany Euro 5,00 incl. postage. Here an example of the english version: 5 Euro you pay, than there will be most times deducted some PayPal fee's, which is approx Euro 0,55, the stamps are at Euro 3,50 so at the end (not talkikng about taxes at the moment) there is less than 1 Euro left per magazine ordered.


I need manufacturing time (not talking here about the time for writing articles) approx 12hours for printing, stiching and folding the magazines. Per issue one or two articles are from outside, the remaining I have to write for my own. So you see there is a lot of time I need for doing one issue.


from ABBUC I get a small "thank you" per year, I got the advertisements, I got german readers buying it and I got much english issue buyers. There will be some tips from ABBUC members, the income from the sales (which is not rather much as you have seen in the calculation) and the advertisement. But all together is not that much covering all costs. To pull off the advertisement and bring the magazine to a -0- balance I should ask for euro 3,00 per issue plus postage. But at the end, this will b worth for some and we will loose again some readers.


So we come to next point: I do the sales here for the disk releases of e.g. caveblaster+ and thetris/rolltris to cover the costs. I expected (as the boxes looks cool in my oppinion) to sell approx 50 untis per game (which also supports the authors) - but at the end there are some sales but only as much to cover the cost of the production of the games.


So we got everytime the same users supporting it and keep the whole scene alive. That's sad...

You know who you are! And I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for your endless support.


I got so many ideas like making the magazine both languages in one issue (like a turn-over magazine) full colored prof. printed. But to make such things I need more support in any way, like more readers, more tips from ABBUC members, more people want to write an article for every issue of the magazine, also buying our releases like the music tapes from Poison or the disk-games. Everyone is welcome to support the scene and keep it alive!


Everything is possible but I cannot handle it myself and sadly I am not a millionaire to make all things happen...


So... Waiting for any feedbacks...


@Jason: the adventure got nice graphics so I decided to put in the result to solve it, so anyone can follow the adventure at the end.


Have a nice day...


Cheers, Markus

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Hi Jason,


I can answer for some of the above as I did the translations.


I'll head to your main point (for me), which was about the M.U.L.E. review in English. Apologies if it wasn't up to a great standard, I try my hardest but M.U.L.E. isn't a game that I play although I have tinkered with it a few times. I would like someone to read my translations, but I appreciate that by the time that the German issue is out and then I've completed the English translations, people are wanting the latest issue in their mailboxes. Can you (or anyone else) help with this?


Overall, I could do with some help with the workload. I estimate that the translations take me approximately 36 hours solid to complete. If anyone else has German->English skills (preferably but not necessarily with English as a mother-tongue) then the help would be appreciated. I even don't mind American/Canadian/Aussie English being used :)


As for the ABBUC translations, I think you'll realise that Pro© Atari is enough for now.


I've just seen that Markus has replied while I've been typing this. Thank you Markus for all of your effort in this, it really is appreciated as to what you are doing.

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I need manufacturing time (not talking here about the time for writing articles) approx 12hours for printing, stiching and folding the magazines. Per issue one or two articles are from outside, the remaining I have to write for my own. So you see there is a lot of time I need for doing one issue.


You need some child/slave labour for the folding/stapling! :)

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Sure, I'm up for any proof reading just mail me, but not translation :-o I'll try and send you more content too :)


One more thing perhaps consider again the guys who were talking about a programming mag (another recent thread here) if that was included in Pro© you might get another group of readers - I'd guess most people into the programming are game programmers so this would fit nicely :)


So send in articles and buy the Magazine everyone :)

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Funnily enough, it was me that mentioned a programming mag at one stage. Though time is limited now and I don't think I'll find time. Although I'm not working, I'm doing a lot of training to try and get employed again. Plus with a child, a demanding wife/mother-in-law and searching for work....


I know that Markus wants Pro© Atari to be a gaming magazine, so I've never approached Markus to say "Can we merge?". I was just putting out feelers before. I would like to see some kind of publication for modern programmers though... whether that be printed or online.


As for content, could you send that to Markus? Try and arrange with him in advance so that he can plan his magazine layouts. That message goes out to everyone, if you have some content, whether you feel important or not in the community, think about writing something.


Jason, I'd love to see some kind of blog of the programming difficulties you had with Ramp Rage and how you overcame them... even if not in Pro© Atari, somewhere would be nice. I love that kind of content. If you've written something already, oops, can you send me a link?


As for being the proofreader, I believe that Markus was looking at you to do it for issue #1. Markus, is that still OK? It may introduce some slow down for publication...


Markus, your publication number of 700 (400+300) is impressive. I thought that it might be 150 (100+50).

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Well, if not the ABBUC will spread the magazine I guess we will be at 100 german sales maximum.

But for me it is important to reach the people, asevery result and feedback give me the best feelings.

you knwo if someone writes you, hey just follow the PRO© ATARI magazine and I do again with the Atari...

That is what I wanted and this is fine...


ANY content is welcome. But if someone deliever coding content it should be regulary.

I do not want to do a gaming magazine only. but my thoughts are: I must thinik of doing it alone if there will be no content.

So I didn't included that. I coded in the 90ies, but only Turbo-Basic.

And some years missing in between...


So... More readers are welcome... More supporters also... and also for sure more content editors.

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#4 german edition in print at the moment


#4 english edition we started to translate.

mighty snicklin will do the translations

and our beloved therealbountybob will doublecheck those.

I (as imperator for sure) gave the order to have it ready before x-mas too :-)

but to be honest, it is a lot of work to translate, so send big hughs to both to animate them :)

no seriously: we try to deliever english edition also as soon as possible


user gallery

principally a nice idea, but I think to make this as "reward" page...

will say an introduction how a user came to atari system.

which is really interesting for exotic countreies in my oppinion.

anyone interested to be the first in line?

than send me a PM here or to the well known email adress.

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