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PRO ( C ) ATARI - Issue #3 ENGLISH EDITION available now ... !


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Ladies and gentlemen... IT IS DONE ... !!!


I can start shipping tuesday:


PRO ( C ) ATARI - Issue #3

English Edition

This issue features again a NICE cover done by our mighty KAZ!

Please find nice reports in this issue of:

Homebrew: Exoter
Mastertronic: Top-10 Countdown
Roman: Extraleben (Extra Life)
Oldie: M.U.L.E.
Oldie: Mirax Force
Oldie: Cultivation / Chromatics
Homebrew: Robotype
ANTIC – The Atari-8bit-Podcast (Making Of)
Software of the WAP-NIAK Party / Warsaw
The colored game world of Atari
Die Ausserirdischen – Zeitmaschine III
New collector edition / Software to buy
PRO© ATARI Mailorder
Atari-Music-Cassettes of Poison
PRO© ATARI Magazine Disk
Floppy-Magazines: History & Overview
Imprint / Publisher Detail's


Again 32 pages in german A5 format, full colored in a nice FANZINE-lookalike optic.


Price per issue is ONLY Euro 1,50

(postage if you only order one or two magazines) Euro 3,50

(all other postage rate) Euro 6,50


Also available:


PRO ( C ) ATARI - Issue #1 in english - Euro 1,50

PRO ( C ) ATARI - Issue #2 in egnlish - Euro 1,50


POISON - Epic Fail - Music Tape - Euro 10,00

POISON - Cyber City - Music Tape- Euro 10,00

each limited on 50 units in pro-manufactured edition.

Really great tunes done by POISON on an Atari 65XE System with Stereo-Pokey.

Including Download-Link for Digital version on the inlay.


CAVEBLASTER+ Disk-Version Euro 15,00

THETRIS / ROLLTRIS Disk-Version Euro 18,00

The games in a really big boxed styled Edition with drawn covers, just for these games.

Each limited on 50 units


As you know, the price of the magazine is really low and so we need some income to cover the costs of the magazine. Also when you buying the items you also support the coders / programmers so you keep the scene alive!


If there are questions, let me know!


Payment by PayPal to 8bit@proc-atari.de

If yo want to wire by bank transfer, just send me a message to this adress and I let you know details.


Thanks for your support and interest upfront.









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