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Mary Poppins Update - Sprite - Color - Gameplay.


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I took the time to make updates to my game Mary Poppins. Heres a list of the changes:



The player sprite now look more like Mary poppins, also changed the color (in the movie a dark siloutte whit hat).

When you press the button she will fly slightly faster uppwards, she also moves slightly faster sideways in the air (only slight change because if she moves to fast the game would be far to easy)


The drops falling from the sky change color to black because the where now the same color as mary poppins ( now ooks lik oil drops).


Small change to extra lifes routine.


1 more life from start.


When she's hit she falls a little faster.


She walks a little faster towards the umbrella for pickup.


At the later leves Mary change color to red to not blend to mutch in with backround (on ntsc machines the dress may look yellow at this stage)


Heres a screenshot:





Heres Mary Poppins 1.13


Mary Poppins 1.13.zip



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Hey Mary Poppins is looking pretty good now, I didn't realise there were multiple stages - how many are there?.


Classic gameplay with a nice amount of skill needed to get past each stage: you need to hold fire down to flap fast and hold down to ascend slowly and get the positioning right to pass. The graphics are very nice for and some reason the game is a bit eerie, perhaps she's been hanging around with Dracula Lives! Reminded me of Satan's Hollow, probably the birds noises, speaking of which the sounds and music are fantastic.


Check it out everyone :)

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Hey bounty bob you snapshot reveals a bug in the game , when its game over the yellow pixels arent suppose to be shown below marys head. Something i overlooked when i made the update, i think im gonna soon fix it and post that game with the fix..


Fixed already, it was just the change of one variable that cause the bug.


Her is 1.14: Mary Poppins 1.14.zip


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So that 800XL NTSC's working out alright for you then?


Sorry off-topic!

Hi adam, yes thank you :thumbsup: I'm trying to get the NTSC colours to be similar to PAL for Ramp Rage - I'm reading Firestorms' current thread on this issue but I'm down to trial and error as my greens are blue and oranges are not orange :-D


Jan did you do anything with your games re NTSC?

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Never late... I did not know there was a Mary Poppins game..  It came just in time, since we watched the movie few weeks ago with the family (I never really watched the whole movie before) and I really like it... I am still with chim-chimmeny song in my head... really sticky melody....

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There was a issue With ver 1.15. Probably because the dos on the disk used some different memory location , So that the small game over tune did not play. i relocated the tune to another adress and now the little tune Plays when the game is over. Ver 1.16. I played the Whole game trough so that should be it for this one. 


Mary Poppins 1.16.atr



Now onto the rest of this other game:






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ver 1.17.. jus removed one lives. at 6 lives it seems a tad to easy to Complete on a ntsc Atari, and on pal Atari its even easier i guess, so now it has 5 lives. the ability to get 6 extra lives is the same as it was in previous versions . I think the difficulty Balance is right now..

Mary Poppins 1.17.atr

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