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Top 10 PS3 Games - All Time

Metal Jesus

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Metal Jesus & Kinsey attempt to come up with the Top 10 PS3 Games - All Time



Games Shown:

Ni No Kuni
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
The Last of Us
Wipeout HD
Heavy Rain
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Dragon’s Crown
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Valkyria Chronicles

What games did we miss?

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That's a great list.


Uncharted 2....I was completely blown away by this game. Reminds me of when I first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars back in the theaters ages ago. Me and my wife watch the cutscenes for every one of these games even after we played them. The Vita version I heard was also well done but I'm not sure if it's part of the "canon". The Last of Us is my second runner up.


Some of my other bests:


Dragons Dogma DA

Demons Souls (the original and what I like to call a modern rogue-like)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2


The Walking Dead Telltale (I played it on PS3 first and also got a physical copy)

Sly Cooper Collection

Pixeljunk Monsters

The Unfinished Swan


And the usual multiplatform games like Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim.


I'd put a Yakuza game on there too (been a fan since the original Shenmue) but I preferred the first two games on the PS2. Yakuza 3 wasn't too bad though. Heavenly Sword is a bit under-rated, I didn't particularly like the combat system but everything else about that game was top notch.

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I'm a 45 year old first generation gamer and Skyrim ranks as one of my all time favorites. The sound track was killer and I love games that don't fence you in and force to do things in a certain order. The freedom of being able to explore the world in any way you want was really great. Sadly, because of circumstances that are beyond my control I never had time to play 10 different games.


Best wishes


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Some fantastic nominations there, only recently discovered Dragons Crown, superb.


Recently finished The Walking Dead, one of the most powerful games i've played of it's generation.


Demon's Souls is IMO a true 'flagship' PS3 game, great to see the love for Heavy Rain as well, often gets knocked. Valk.Chronicles simply had to be in as well.


Personally never went much on Dishonored, but then felt same over good few highly rated games of that generation:GTA5, The Last Of Us (Completed it though), Red Dead Redemp.etc etc.


I'm going to nominate Xcom:C.E...not a PS3 exclusive, but system i picked up original and C.E on and just a fantastic reboot, had high hopes for Terror From The Deep by now..no such luck :-(


Also worthy mentions:Blur and the Motorstorm series.



As for MGS 4..completed twice, but give me Peace Walker on the HD collection anyday :-)

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Recently finished The Walking Dead, one of the most powerful games i've played of it's generation.


Have you played The Wolf Among Us yet? I am playing through it now and kicking myself for not playing it earlier. It really is an excellent game and as good as the Walking Dead. I think I was skeptical or burned out on Telltale games when it originally came out, but now I'm really enjoying it. Highly recommended!

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  • Grand Theft Auto V seems like an awesome game
  • Guided Fate Paradox, The is supposed to be a great game
  • Kingdom Hearts Limited Edition is a game I have a lot of hope for
  • L.A. Noire is a game that I hear a lot about
  • Nier is supposed to be a great game
  • One Piece Unlimited World Red looks like it will be a lot of fun
  • Under Defeat - Deluxe Edition is a game you don't hear a lot about for the PS3 but those who have played it give it top ratings

I have bought all of these but sadly not found time to play any of them.


I did buy and play Dragon's Crown but found it very easy and tedious. I really wanted to like it and may give it another chance later, but it did not live up to the hype in my opinion. Maybe I just did not play far enough into the game, and I am also playing solo.



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