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Millipede proto found


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Hi Guys

got this photos by a friend.....he told me,that he found the unknown Millipede prototype when checking out his protos,which belonged a former Atari worker.....He is not sure,if he should release it in the Forum.....so he asked me about advice....






greetings Walter

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So is it really a proto, or just a hack/homebrew of the Centipede source code?


I seem to remember a similar story happening here before.

There was fake prototype before for April Fool's Day. I think it was in 2009 that a new poster claimed prototype of Jr. Pac-man was found, but that new poster actually was what we call a 2nd account for setting up an April Fool's Day prank ahead of time


The fake Jr. Pac-man prototype actually was an early stage homebrew that different members of this community that involved in that April's Day prank including Albert.

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1982? Didn't the 7800 come out in 1984?


Yeah. That's the first thing I noticed.


It could be the copyright notice for Atari Inc, who created Millipede in '82 and who would have started developing the 7800. Just looks to me that the game development was started pre-Tramiel but then dropped or forgotten about.

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