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crap tournament 7


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Hosted By Von

Crap Tournament 7 is now open for registration: http://retrocontests.herokuapp.com/#/

Participants will be prompted to sign up for the site before they can register for the tournament.


The Crap Tournament is a yearly MAME competition where all the titles are selected based on their relative obscurity or overall lousiness.

Every year brings in new pure crap and some hidden gems - you'll play some of the worst games ever made, and discover some amazing titles you never would've played without the tournament.

The games are hilarious, but the competition is fierce. Think you're a true gamer? Come prove it in the Crap Arena.


Dates for the Contest:

The tournament will last 10 days, stretching over 2 weekends, beginning May 1st and ending May 10th.

Number of Games

The tournament will consist of 12 games, none of which will be announced until moments before the tournament start. Of these 12 games, 10 will be announced at the start of the tournament, while the remaining 2 will only be announced at the beginning of the closing weekend (May 8th). Proper game settings will be detailed for each title.

Scoring Format

The scoring format is simple: 12 points for first on any given title, 11 points for 2nd,... 1 point for 12th, and points are only awarded for places 1 through 12. Thus, a prefect score for this tournament would be 144, regardless of the number of participants, and it's entirely possible to accumulate 0 points despite submitting a score for every game. In other words, the competition will be rough, and the winner will be the player who is the best all around crapper.


Once the tournament officially starts, an easy submission process, live updating standings for each game, and an overall leader board will become visible for all registered participants.

As part of the submission process participants will have the option to attach an inp or link to a Twitch stream highlight. Either option is fine, and neither will be mandated unless the submission claims a 1st place. This will allow participants to easily update the scoreboard with their submissions as often as possible without getting bogged down making Twitch highlights for every score they obtain, but still maintain some element of interactivity on the scoreboard itself as 1st place scores begin to change hands.

To be clear: streaming and creating Twitch highlights is not a requirement, recording inps is not a requirement, but 1st place score submissions will not be accepted without one of the two. (For me personally, recording and uploading inps is not in any way a nuisance, and I plan on doing so for every sore I submit. Making Twitch highlights, on the other hand, is a little time consuming and I only plan to do so for scores I don't intend to best later on in the contest.)

All MAME versions 106 and later are legal for this contest (just be sure to specify which version was used when uploading inps), and if a player somehow actually has cab access to one of the crap titles they are of course welcome to play on the original hardware.


Get busy crappin' or get busy dyin'

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