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Help to find cowboy/western games

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Hi, like the tittle says I want to find any related games on 8 and 16bits, mostly 2d horizontal scrolling or static screen to take some ideas. By now I think that from C64 I already saw them all or allmost like GhostTown, Buffalo Bill's, Western Games, Western Contest, Spaghetti Western and others like some train horizontal scrollers and some others that doesn't fit in what I want.

I want to see anything 2d view on gfxs of buildings like bank, saloon, hotel,... railway station, trains, coaches and horses, desert, mountain and canyon views, plants and also sprites 2d moving, shooting and death of cowboys, indians, sherif and bandits. Front shooters like Bang Bank/West Bank are also welcome but these are too large for what I have in mind.

All the ones I found most are also available on CPC and ZX so maybe what I will need more is your help to find on the consoles that is where I don't much of the available games.

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Thanks, I saw that C64 one but doesn't fit in what I want to get some ideas?


P.s.- I remember right now about Spriters Resource that is mostly console and I think arcade also, I'll try a search there by "western" and related. They are a very complete website for sprites but in some games they also have screens and maps I think.

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Thanks you all.

I think I already found most of what I want but the strange thing is that I can't find nothing horizontal scrolling similar as C64's games like Ghostown, Express Raider, Back to the Future III train level (even that some of these have other platforms versions) in consoles that I would prefer 8bits Master System and NES. Anyone knows?

Cowboys and indians sprites frames for these type of games are also welcome.


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It's not in your prefered console list and a long shot at that but......


Megadrive/Genesis Shinob i 3 has your Ninja riding a horse on Level 2 in a horizontal scrolling section...might give you some ideas, but i dunno if it's exactly what your after.


As for C64, i assume you've looked at these:


Train Robbers, Outlaws , Indian Attack , Lucky Luke , Cowboy Solitario , Mountie Mick's Death Ride?


ST/Amiga wise thinking maybe Badlands Pete? Oceans advertised but never released (was it? ) Legend Of Billy The Kid...


I'll probably think of a few more.

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Take a look at "Brave star". It's kind of sci-fi setting, but still has cowboys :)

Thanks but gfxs don't fit and the guys sprites are uggly, I think the only I like is our cowboy :).

And now that I went to see it I was like you, it seems the name isn't made of two words but indeed with just one and has two instead of one 'r': "BraveStarr" %-).

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