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Coleco display help - New User

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Hi members,


First post sorry if its in the wrong place.


Ive been reading the forums a while and got off my butt to join to ask some advice.


I am reliving my youth and have repurchased a couple of coleco's. Just wanted advice on display issues.


One console, - splash screen loads, then letters start getting a little jumbled, grey spotty lines appear in background, some wierd colour flickers.


Other console - display is wierd, controllers seem to move character but not displayed correctly, sound is fine. Expansion module 1 works fine and atari games run without problem. Expansion pack 2 unsure if this works yet (i have this console on the way, a friend quickly tested and these were results)


I will start with the power switch, then look at power supply.

Hoping someone may be able to point me where to start?

Im new to restoring and need to work out my limits.


Im based in Brisbane Australia if anyone is around this way to help guide me. I can give beer.


I also own,

3 x atari light sixers - 100 or so games

Green house - game and watch


Modern consoles - emulators.


Thanks for any help,

Nice to meet you all.



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Atari pass thru often works even if Colecovision has problems, so that probably doesn't mean much.


Possible fix: clean the cart connectors with contact cleaner real good, (or at least with rubbing alcohol), using qtips.

Wrap a cloth around a credit card and soak with alcohol and insert/remove several times from the connector where you insert cartridges, to clean the connector.


Clean the power connector prongs with a qtip.


And yes, it's possible the switch is dirty and cleaning it may fix the problem.


If you can test the output from the power supply, that may also point you to a problem there.


If none of that helps, then you may need to replace a chip or two inside...

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There's a PINNED thread titled "ColecoVision and ADAM Information" that you should checkout if you haven't already that has some great DIY instructionals for maintenance and repair. Also, the ColecoVision Technical Manual that is available for download at http://ann.hollowdreams.com will help you identify what RAM chips may be bad if that ends up being the issue... turn on the system without a cartridge inserted to view the CV BIOS screen and compare display corruption to what is listed/pictured in the manual.


Good luck and welcome aboard.

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