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Run Out!


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I still haven't set the code to bring out all the objects with the proper backgrounds or the divide scenes where you select left or right pathways. It's totally playable but you occasionally end up with cacti in the grass zones and, like in the picture, the space shuttle in the desert. When it's all sorted out the space shuttle will be during a night level so that the black helps to define the open spots on the graphic. All the proper graphics will pop up during their specific zones.


I also only have two instances of my yellow car (there are a few different NPC vehicles that block you and race along) programmed in. Your car actually spins out when you hit stuff and the tire animation and overall speed is pretty cool. I might put a download up of it as it is if you guys don't mind these unsorted parts.


It will be done very soon. I may be able to add even more car animation and I'd like to add a flipping animation for certain collisions. Like Titan Axe, it's been a blast to play-test while programming. DPC+ games don't work on my XBOX emulator, though, so getting good screen grabs (these are altered to represent reflected sprite pieces that would otherwise be halved) or clean video of this particular game is not possible for me right now. My HD monitor (the one hooked up through my XBOX cabinet) does really clean screens that never have rolling lines or artifacts, so I use it for videos.

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Here's a little demo of Run Out!! Most of the opponent vehicles are missing, but one yellow car is in! The background objects may or may not match the theme, as I have yet to time everything together! BUT, you can play and it will loop forever!


How to play!


Fire is your gas pedal

Your sports car shifts automatically into the second gear

Pressing up when RPM's are right and your in second gear will put you in third gear!

Down activates your brakes! Don't forget your brakes!

Right and Left steers your car

If in high gear, up will downshift into second gear.


Still to come..


1. More traffic

2. All theme objects match the backdrops

3. Road splits to offer two pathways

4. Car takes damage

5. Different/Better Music (now it's a play on the theme of a popular Arcade game..ahem..)


Please enjoy this free ride version of...


Run Out!!



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Thanks! I was a fan of Out Run during it's first appearances in the arcades of my youth. I played the stand-up-and-steer one and had a pretty hard time with it. When the Genesis first came out I wasn't big into racing games so my friend and I played a LOT of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. After getting back into video games in my early twenties I started liking certain racing games again and eventually got hooked on Out Run. I now have versions for the Genesis/Mega Drive, PS2 Sega Classics collection (3D remake), PC Engine, The Japanese and U.S. Master System, The Amiga, The Atari ST, Outrunners for the Genesis, Out Run 2 for the XBOX, The Shenmue arcade version, and I play the arcade original on MAME! I beat the Genesis version nearly every time I play it now. I did a full completion once (beat every row) and showed Buttons!


I hope to have the Saturn version soon, as I've heard a lot of good things about it.


I know this game is truly original with some ideas borrowed from Out Run, although I must admit the old pseudo 3D scaler was my inspiration.

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Outrun is a great game! I remember first playing it in 1987, just after it came out. On my 6th birthday my mom and dad took me to the B&I amusements in Tacoma, Washington. Sadly the arcade closed up In 2013 :-( A huge arcade there. And Chuck E. Cheeses that night. My dad helped me steer it was fun. I hardly see any of the sitdown versions of it. Yu Suzuki made some great soundtracks for that as well as the Hang-On series. Love the actual motorcycle version of it and am way better on that one than the upright version. Master System version of Outrun is very good. Truly like the Genesis version it is an almost perfect port of it and It goes very high on ebay these days. Never knew the game was released for the Saturn. I have Outrun 2. I enjoy Heart Attack mode. Funny thing is the girl in the passenger seat looks almost exactly like my girlfriend. She says well, don't be driving like that with me in real life. :lol: As for driving games. I was partial to Hard Drivin' and Race Drivin'. I credit them for teaching me and learning to drive a stickHere is a youtube video of B&I by the way.


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In the U.S. a three game set with AfterBurner, Space Harrier, and Out Run, all in one set, all arcade perfect, was released! In Japan they also released Out Run as a single. I really love the music for those games, especially Out Run.




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Nice! I don't think I've seen a first person racing game done with bB before... this looks pretty cool.


Here's an unfinished one from 2007:





Here's a semi-related one:



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Wow! People were a LOT more appreciative of homebrew games back in '07!! I may need to build that time machine after all! Of course if I'm gonna do that I might as well take my games back to the early eighties and transform the labels on all our machines here in the future to...





P.S. Thanks for all the 'likes' from everyone on this project! It means a lot to me. I'm about to get the screen on my new programming computer nice and clean so I can crack those knuckles and add more to Run Out!!

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