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in the Altirra topic (regarding Altirra Basic) someone was interested in a Basic with P/M commands and enhancements... if I remember correctly. In my collection I have a Basic named "Hypra-Basic", released 1989 in the german Compyshop magazine (a disk-based magazine that was later placed into the Public Domain).


This Basic is NOT short, it occupies full 16k RAM and is as slow as Atari Basic - and also compatible to Atari Basic (includes/supports all Atari Basic commands). Therefore it comes with approx. 60 new commands, including various P/M commands and enhancements that are not available under TB XL. At the Ready prompt, type HELP to get a list of all available commands... (use e.g. Control-1 to stop scrolling).


Since this was a german release, there are only german docs available, hopefully they are understandable somehow. This Basic was more or less completely ignored by the A8 community, even here in Germany TB XL was always prefered. I also do not like this Basic, since it is slow, occupies 16k RAM and therefore a lot of Atari Basic programs will not run with it (since there is not enough free memory). The Hypra-Basic comes in two versions, a) a COM-file that can be loaded from DOS (HBasRAM.COM) and b) a "ROM file" that should be loaded from a Cart-Emulator (HbasROM.COM). Besides, the name Hypra-Basic was not derived from hypra-cool/hyper-cool or something like that, instead the author used the pseudonym Hyprasoft or Hypra-Soft and released several programs under the Hypra... name (e.g. Hypra-Disk, a disk/sector-editor; Hypra-Paint, a painting program, etc.)


Anyways, take a look yourself... (I also have a patched version by Fandal somewhere, that will automatically execute a Basic/Hypra-Basic program, when named Autorun.HSB).


P.S.: Thank you phaeron for the great Altirra Basic !!



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This is a very cool BASIC by the sounds of it - lots to play with, although my German is all-but non-existant!!! It won't fit on the "Ultimate1MB" ROM though sadly. I will give the *.COM version a try-out though. I really like these unusual programming languages - like PILOT or MS BASIC and the others.

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as said before, this Basic had been released in the german Compyshop magazine in 1989, there was no source-code available and it was never released in the magazine or made available to the public. The author Uwe Roeder wrote many programs for the Compyshop magazine (mostly with Bibo-Assembler), maybe he was even working at Compyshop, I do not know.


The only documentation for Hypra-Basic was on the magazine diskette, as a separate ATASCII text file (take a look at the DIR from DOS, you will see the file ANL.TXT or Anleit.txt this is the text file, it is an abbreviation for Anleitung, which means manual) - sorry, no PDF available afaik... but ATASCII can be converted to ASCII and ASCII can be converted to PDF easily. But we need an english translation of the text first - and since I am no programmer and have never programmed anything, I am quite sure, that I cannot do the translation...


The ROM file of Hypra-Basic is not really a ROM file, as we know it, it is a COM file that could only be loaded from a special cart.-emulator, which was also published in Compyshop magazine (there was an article, named the ROM simulator). So, use the 132 sectors HBASRAM.COM file and binary load it from DOS. When the Ready prompt appears, type HELP to see all available commands...


Last not least, here are the original Compyshop magazines, issue 08/1989 (August 1989) and 09/1989 (September 1989), the August magazine contains the Hypra-Basic for the ROM simulator / cart-emulator, the September magazine contains the Hypra-Basic for DOS and some bug-fixes regarding the schematics for the ROM-simulator...


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As the translator for Pro© Atari, I'll give it a go, I can't promise that I'll be 100% with the translation but I'll do my best.


However, only if someone can supply me with the file in a readable format on a PC, I can't be done with fiddling around with Atari based files....

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here is a disk-image with a patched version of Hypra-Basic (or Hypra-Soft Basic), it will now automatically execute a Basic file, when named AUTORUN.HSB. If I remember correctly, Fandal did this patch for me.


The attached image contains the following files:

DOS/DUP: Atari DOS 2.5

HypBASIC.COM: the original DOS fileversion of Hypra Basic (132 sectors)

Anleit.TXT: the original german manual (ATASCII text)

HsBasic.COM: the patched version, which will do an autorun (134 sectors)

HsBasic.TXT: a short info text about the patched version in english language

Autorun.HSB: a very short Basic file, that will display a Gr. 2 title and try to load a Basic game

(and since this is only an example and the Basic game is not there, it will display "File not found!")

Anleit.ASC: the german manual (ASCII text)


For those of you, who would like to take a look at the data-segments of the patched Hypra-Basic, afaik thats the data it contains:


$0600-062C: Basic off switch, this will automatically switch off Atari Basic on XL/XE computers

$2000-2055: Gr. 2 title, this will display a Gr. 2 title while loading Hypra Basic (currently it displays "Here comes the title", just change the text with a disk/sector editor to any title you wish to be displayed)

$06xx-06xx: the patch-code, which will execute a file named Autorun.HSB automatically

$8050-BFFF: the Hypra-Basic



I will attach the german manual as a separate ASCII textfile (Anleit.txt) and as Rich-Text-Format (Anleit.RTF) here. The text originally contained lots of german special characters, I changed them to ae, oe, ue and ss. It still uses 38 chars per line, so you may want to reformat it before translating into english and converting into PDF...





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Impressive speed for your translation!


Just curious -- are you quite fluent in German, or is this "machine translation" with "sanity checks" from your knowledge? (That would seem most expedient to me.)


And, some neat features in the language.




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Hi Larry,

Thank you! And yes, I use Google Translate like Phaeron did with the MADS manual as it is a lot quicker.


I then read the text which then doesn't make sense but I know roughly what it is saying. I then use my knowledge of the area to improve it and ensure it is correct. Sometimes I use Google to increase my knowledge if I am not overly familiar with the material.


If I still do not understand then I read the German. I lived in Germany for a few years and spoke it in the pub but only had general conversations which I was good at. Anything too subject specific and I struggled. Same with reading. I left Germany 12 years ago now though


I try not to do a word for word translation as I want it to sound ok in English. With Pro© Atari, I do allow some sentences to remain which are correct but sound like a non native is saying them, this gently reminds the user that it is a German production.


I don't claim to be the finest translator out there, but if nobody else will do it, I'd rather get the document out there for the English speaking world if it is 99% correct.


I did French at school!!!!

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And the other thing - I am finding my place in the Atari community.


I love programming but I am far from the quickest or the best. So results from me are far far apart.


I have a moderate skill in German but the results can be turned around quickly.


We just need a few lawyers and rich people in the community now! ?

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I've been playing with this Basic, and I am impressed with the choices of added features that the author made. Using its new features, one could spruce up a regular Atari Basic program without putting in a lot of USR's or loading add-on programming utilities. 8K vs 16K? I'd say that 99.9% of the time, that would be no problem at all -- IIRC, Hypra-Basic leaves you with ~23K.


Idle speculation -- with all the improvements that Phaeron was able to include in his 8K Basic, makes you wonder what he could do with 16K. (Not suggesting anything -- he has plenty of projects, I'm sure.) Surely glad that Andreas put this one up! We are definitely blessed with languages for our A8.



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@CharlieChaplin: Great!!!!!!!!!! Finding, the rest please see here:




@snicklin: thanks for the translation! :-)




not really a great find (since Hypra-Soft Basic was never lost!) - for us germans and Abbuc members its easy to find Hypra-Soft Basic on the Compyshop magazines and read the german manuals. Afaik, the german texts on the magazine are longer and more detailed, than the ATASCII text, alas the magazine texts use a special format and can only be printed from the magazine menu, unless someone captures them with some PC programs and emulators... Just read the topic at the Abbuc forum "Texte auf CSM Disketten extrahieren?" http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8499


Besides, the Compyshop magazines can even be found in the Abbuc PD library, the ones with Hypra-Soft Basic on it are 8/1989 and 9/1989 or Abbuc PD numbers 700 and 714... Its just, until now, no-one was interested in Hypra-Soft Basic.


Small correction please: Please correct the release dates of the Compyshop magazines in the Atariwiki, it is not 8.9.1989 but 8/1989 and 9/1989 (August and September 1989, since the Compyshop magazines were released monthly)...

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Yes, sure will do so. Thanks again for correcting. Only with with correcting, we are able to find the truth.


Of course, the truth is somewhere outside in the galaxy... ;-)


Well, I am just in Atari up to the year 1985, then I was forced to quit. So, everything beyond that year is off my radar. Therefore, I hope, there will come a time, when the younger ones here take over the AtariWiki V3: Atari Learning System Software

in order to digitize that last remaining program.


Well, to be honest, as a scientist, I was always searching for such a BASIC, because it calculates error free 8 digits.


Now, just a few things are left to be done.


Uwe Roeder, author of that Basic, really(!) knows, how Floating Point is to be made...

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