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[Video] Kid gets Super Nintendo on launch day

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This is part of a new series I'm dedicating to the many bits of home movie footage I have of my Dad and I collecting games when I was a kid. Kind of going for e "Wonder Years" vibe with narration and such. Hope you enjoy. This particular clip is a pretty special one.


Very pleased to say that both Nintendo Life and Kotaku wrote about this one. My dad would be thrilled if he were still alive today knowing that he's still inspiring others.



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I was in my 20s when I got mine for Christmas. I'm pretty sure I had pants on.


Same.. I remember it exactly too. I was in college.. I walked into the local Software Etc. on launch day, plunked down some cash and walked out with it.

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The SNES was the first major purchase I made for myself. I got it for Christmas 91 when I was 15 and had saved up $250 for it. I got the system with the pack in game SMW and Final Fantasy 4. Loved the hell out of that system -- which is why I'm doing a podcast on the games for it. :)

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Got my SNES in early summer '93 from my first paycheck. I took advantage of an ad from Walmart, deluxe set with 2 controllers and SMW for $99 (normally $129) Appearantly it was an error, the $99 should have been core system only but it wasn't clarified in the ad and they let me have it. They did put up ad correction when I got mine.

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