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Nice, but wrong car.The Lynx was released 1989 (1991 Lynx II) and the Game in 2001.From my side of view a car from one of this 2 time periods is better.But this is just my opinion...


Thanks for the feedback.

True, it would be better to get a car from the time period, however I was unable to locate a decent one.

Anyhow, this box is better than no box and it is free.


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Hi All,

Please see below for the Championship Rally Box.

Thanks again to Carl at Songbird Productions for releasing this game.

If you require the INKSCAPE SVG file so you can play with and or change it please PM me.




Thank you, I just bought Championship Rally, but was quite disappointed with the jewel case it came in.

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I'm not sure if anyone has seen this but I came across this truly amazing replacement box art for Hotdog which fits perfectly in the plastic box if you were lucky enough to grab a copy from Beta Phase Games.




It was created by an artist called pure1water and if you want to see more work by him you can you can find it on the Deviant Art page here:



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Hi All,

I read through this and I didn't see what I was looking for so I thought I would ask. I am going to produce some old games on cartridges and need to make a box for them. Does anyone have a template for a cartridge based box for the Atari 400/800 style game carts?  If this is asked somewhere else I am sorry, please let me know the correct thread.



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hi all, all i found about lynx boxes converge to his thread
but it seems too late, now that Lynx Box Assets posted around are off line
i know it's been several years beut if one of you still 
have inkscape SVG templace for me make custom boxes for the 15+ games i have lying in lose state
i gladly post them here when it's done .


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