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Lynx Game Gear ?


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Ah, those are adapters for the Retrode which lets you read a cart like it's a USB drive. The Retroid only has SNES & Genesis ports but people make adapters to read different carts. More info here... http://www.retrode.org/

Could you elaborate In lay terms? This guy has made an adapter that attaches to the board GG that enables it to load Master System and lynx carts? Then playable on a game gear??

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Nah, the retrode lets you hook up a cartridge port via USB to your PC, so you can plug in your own cartridges and use those with PC based emulators rather than downloading someone else's copy of a game rom image off the internet. The retrode I think, only has cartridge slots for snes, genesis and n64, so I think these pictures reflect someone creating a homebrew modification for use with the retrode, to plug in lynx or GG games, and be able to download those rom images from the carts, for use with pc based emulators. I think he's cannibalizing a lynx and GG to get the cartridge ports, and that's reflected in the pics.

Back when I was a kid, I always kind of thought that maybe a genesis game could work on a snes, or vice versa, if only the cartridges were the same. Seeing all the crazy different looking cartridges compatible with the atari 2600s that said things like "for use with the sears game system" certainly helped support this idea. Unfortunately, due to significant hardware differences, simply re-routing the cartridge contacts to approximate where the contacts would be for a different systems cartridge does not immediately let that different system play such a game. For the lynx and GG, a simple test could be done to prove this, by trying to load GG games in lynx pc based emulators :)

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