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E3 2015 PS3 Presence?


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Between Fallout4, Uncharted 4, No Man Skies, and the inevitable FFVII thingy, this holiday I may finally upgrade to a PS4. Was anything besides Destiny:The Taken King playable on a PS3 at E3 this year? Disney Infinity 3.0 (Star Wars) was, and so was Lego Dimensions, but what about titles that do require you to buy more toys?


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This is the "sunset" period for the PS3. NOW is the time to pick up the games you've been meaning to get as theyre starting to get marked way down.

Yeah, I did this when I upgraded from PS2/Wii to PS3. My shift to PS3 was pretty late in the console's lifespan. New titles look like they may have dried up on PS3 and Dev's have moved on. Destiny and Alien:Isolation may have been my last new releases on the PS3.

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I don't think it had a presence but JRPG's and other imports seem to be popping up for the system this year.


I suggest not buying any 'remastered' games on PS3, so far I think these are now remastered on PS4:


God of War III

The Last of Us

FF X\X-2

Borderlands 2\Pre

Uncharted 1,2,3

Devil May Cry 4


Metro 2033/Last Light

Dark Siders (coming soon and others by Nordic)

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Yeah, we'll probably see jrpgs popping up for a year or so yet as they're brought over on the cheap so to speak much like what happened on the PS2. (Of course, be wary of quality as at times cheap means CHEAP. For instance this pretty much happened with Ar Tonelico 2. Result? A game freezing bug on an (thankfully optional) boss that didn't exist in the original version, and spellchecker typos every 5 minutes of conversation. (Things that a spellchecker would miss, but any human eyes reading it would pick it up instantly - missing words, wrong version of a word (too, to, two, etc) or wrong tense of a word, etc. Valid words not suppose to be there.)


Of course, "cheap" in this context also means little in the way of marketing/advertising which is a reason not to expect them showcased at events like E3.

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Yup... it is time to get PS3 you may have missed. I am sure there are a few rare games, but pretty much most can be found at a sane price.


I would also avoid some of the HD collections, but there may be exceptions. I've wanted to get into the God of War series, but never get around to it. GW III is being remastered for the PS4, but what about the rest of the games?


Of course, if you find the HD collection on the cheap for the PS3, it may be worth it. With some of the older games, I not sure much more can be done to remaster them other than better textures, original voice acting, etc. Depends if paying the extra is worth it to you.

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After my 60GB PS3 broke a few months ago I bought a 320GB Slim PS3. Since the games are so cheap now I've been playing quite a lot of them and I'm really enjoying the system.


I doubt it will get many new games from now on except for ports of multiplatform games, but it has a huge great game library and most of the games aren't usually very expensive.

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