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Atari Lynx repair - no power - battery neg to headphone no help.

Wyluli Wolf

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Picked up a broken Lynx II. It's completely dead.

I opened it up and tried taking a power measurement from tp15 (using negative battery term as ground). Came back with .10

(I know I need to learn to read schematics. I'm reading up on it)

I then noticed that q8? Is totally blown. Not sure if I caused this or didn't notice before.

One of the pads for q8 is pulled off the board. Is it worth trying to fix?

How would I repair the pad and what part would this be on jam eco or mouser?


Plus I have to wonder what else may be wrong. Any advise is welcome. Thanks.




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I checked my Lynx, neither of them has transformer pins soldered together like that. I don't know if that 2 pin is used at all or not, I'd have to look at the schematic and figure out which pins those are.


Q8 does look toast. Time to try the 5v mod, the transistor Q8 and a zener diode are responsible for regulating voltage and when it blows, there's a risk that unregulated 9v were dumped into the whole system. If you have a 5-6v adapter, try using that to see if you can get it to work.

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If by "pick up a broken Lynx" you mean recently acquired then the discolouration to the PCB around Q8 extends much further than I would expect from it over heating, I suspect that was done while the previous owner attempted to remove and replace Q8 in which case seeing that a pad had come away from the PCB they probably gave up on the whole thing. If that is the case then the discolouration my just be solder flux residue in which case you should be able to scrape it off.


The copper is glued to the fibreglass substrate so if you can get some superglue under there you should be able to re-attach the pad however it looks like the track to pad nearest the Q8 letting may be broken so you may need to bypass it with a piece of wire.

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