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Game Database for 7800 Titles online


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Hello collectors,

after some research and homework, we have dared to enabled a Atari 7800 game database on our website.


Sure, there is still plenty of work in the 2600 section, but we wanted to have some alternation.
We have entered all the information we had available and have scanned every cart and box to which we had access.

Since I am not a 7800 collector, i would be happy if you can spend some time in looking at the entries. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Are all the games in the database, or even missing a title?

I am sure that every Atari 2600 collector someday holds a 7800 game in hand. Therefore, we thought that it is helpful to have a complete overview. Hmm, good question whether this is really complete.

It would be nice if you can help to fill the gaps in the 7800 Database.


Best regards
the AtariBoxed Team

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it looks like that there is no demand in a complete 7800 database. :( , or do you leave no feedback, because every Information in the database is ok?

I can not believe that. There is always something that can be optimized.

Do we have really recorded all titles, or we missing an entry? some helpful feedback yould be cool.

anyway. The Project grows continuously and the next update comes for sure.


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With a brief introduction of Trebor about the basic difference between Atari 7800 PAL and NTSC
and with some detailed information from Mitch, how to sort and distinguish the companies and games, i hope that i have understood and implemented everything correctly.
Many thanks to the two for their help and many thanks also to Philflound, for sending us some scans.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I would say that we now have an almost complete database, where all the 7800 titles are listed. (PAL and NTSC)

Maybe some minor informations on the detailpages of some titles are missing, but we add these infos bit by bit.
If you see something wrong, please inform me.

I hope you like our work and some of you can use it for compare with the own collection for completeness.

As you have seen, we have fifty percent missing scans, ironically mostly PAL, but a dozen NTSC too.
If anyone would like to support us, then I would be very happy.


The AtariBoxed Team

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As you have seen, we have fifty percent missing scans, ironically mostly PAL, but a dozen NTSC too.

If anyone would like to support us, then I would be very happy.


Here's NTSC Pete Rose Baseball:





The above is only 25% resolution of the original scans, available here.


It would be great to see this database complete and perhaps some sort of collaboration between your site and AtariAge to maybe mirror one another with scans, keeping the better ones of any duplicates.


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Someone needs to hack that sh*t and add a gambling mode to make it a much more authentic simulation of the Pete Rose - aka Charlie Hustle - experience. :)


I always pretended I was Rickey Henderson when I played 2600 RealSports Baseball with that insane super speed of running while stealing bases. Used to piss off my Dad so much because I figured out how to do that and I wouldn't share the trick with him. :)

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