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Decided to sell my CD-i. Details inside.


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Its been a tough choice. But, it is one of the few in my collection that just is not played as much as it should.


I will INCLUDE shipping costs in all these. So, these prices are WITH SHIPPING. THIS IS US ONLY. IF you want me to ship ANYWHERE else shipping is additional.


PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURES for quality of items. Unless noted the games come with their sleeves + manual/inserts.


I will also consider trades. My list is at the bottom.


Price for the entire thing is $310 w/ shipping included. I assume I will have to split it all up though. Nobody buys in bulk anymore.


CDi 450 w/ Mpeg Cart. Comes with power supply and a CDi2Serial adapter w/ one Serial PC Gamepad + Light Gun (No Mad Dog, sorry) + Exploring Our Solar System + National Parks Tour + Dinosaurs! - $115


The Console door doesn't popup on its own but... works fine.


So, there seems to be an issue with the timekeeper ram chip. It will have to be replaced before I can trade/sell it. I still have the games... so I will most likely just sell them off in the meantime.


Zelda: Wand of Gamelon - $68

Link: Faces of Evil - $110

Hotel Mario (no sleeve but don't think it had one) - $42

Burn:Cycle - $12

Exploring Our Solar System - SEALED - $15

NFL Football Trivia Challenge - SEALED - $20


I also have a copy of Older Games Publishing "GO!" it was sold through Good Deal Games and they have been sold out for years. I don't know its true worth... if someone wants to let me know or make an offer.


My WANT list:


TurboGrafx Console

Pier Solar for Genesis (I only want the edition that comes with the Enhanced Audio CD)

NeoGeo AES games

Mega EverDrive v2


So, thats it.


See pictures.










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