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Problems with abbuc site?


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Hi all,


Can not logon to the forum or the member area on Abbuc site.

I also can not retrieve a password reset link.


Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

I emailed Wolfgang already, but I thought let's ask here.




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there are some login problems at Abbuc, they are mentioned in the news and elsewhere.

I also have these login problems from time to time (using Win XP and Firefox). When I go to the login page, then do the login and then visit the forums, there is no problem. (I am logged in then and can write replies in the forum, download software from the archives, etc.)


The problem occurs when I do it vice versa: visit the forum first, trying to write a reply - as soon as I click on reply, the login page appears, when I login all seems normal and the green light flashes, but when I go back to the forums, I can see that the login light no longer flashes and I am not logged in...


Its annoying, but its easy to avoid for me, just do the login first !

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I had exactly the same problem you describe. Just like what CharlieChaplin wrote, it is mentioned quite often in the forum. I used the contact form at the Abbuc site and Sven did a reset on my account. Now it functions correctly for me.

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