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Value question - Sword of Fargoal C64 boxed complete


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Hi, I'm getting ready to list this on evil bay and I wanted to know how much Sword of Fargoal is worth? Here's a picture of what I have ...




Box, manual, reference card, "how to load" sheet, disk. In good shape. Tested and works. Someone is selling theirs on extortion bay for $85 but it is missing the manual and the load sheet. $85 seems a bit high but I don't know. No "recently sold" listings for a boxed Fargoal. Thanks!

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I'd put a starting bid at $75, take excellent pictures (and lots of them), and post a link here.


Should fetch a penny, since SOF is getting some serious retro-remake love these days.

okay here's the link




I started the bid at $69.99


The neat thing about this box is it is the VIC-20 box with the C64 upgrade.


Anyway thanks a bunch!

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Good luck man. Were I a Commodore collector, I may be interested. I am a TI-99er though, so this item (while very cool) has no significance for me.


Hope you can make a good sale!

Love the TI-99. Thanks for the help.

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Eh, it's fine. I'm not greedy so as long as I can put a few extra $$ in my pocket (for things like car repairs this month) I'm pretty happy. I don't have the space any more anyway so it's all good. I've still got a few C64 things to unload but I'm extremely satisfied with what stuff has sold for so far.

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