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Fat Albert (Fast Food hack)


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I wanted to post this here for the people who don't read the general Atari 2600 forum. You can read the original topic if interested.



Fat Albert is a hack of Fast Food done years ago by DaveM (David Marli). He only ever posted once at AtariAge and it was in response to some praise for Fat Albert.



Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to finally jump into this message board... Glad to see you all liked the game! The graphics were pretty much just plucked from the cartoon. I found some images on the net, resized them a bit, printed them out on some graph paper, and went to work on it. I just wish I could've done better with the head you control during the game itself, but there's only so much you can do with an image that's only 8 pixels wide.


It bothered me that Fat Albert's head was left as several shades of purple and knowing that it is an easy fix I went ahead and corrected it it. As most people know a typical Atari sprite can only be one color per horizontal line. That left a problem with the original head sprite since his hair goes down the back of his head. In order to have his face and hair different colors they can't be on the same horizontal line. I added an ear to fill up the big blank space.




I always have to start tweeking other things once I start on something. The next thing I did was change the title graphic at the bottom of the screen. I added Jello Presents to do a tie-in with Jello Pudding Pops. A What If back in the day Fat Albert was really made for the Atari 2600 instead of Fast Food and it was sponsored by Jello.




It was then suggested by Crazy Climber to change the purple pickle


It's been a LONG time since I saw this show, seriously around 30 years....but IIRC didn't a Dog used to chase after them or something? You could change the purple pickle to the dog from chase the chuckwagon, lol.


The dog was quickly added but something was missing, it was not animated. Now it is. Don't get chomped!!!




In the original game you lose a life/chance every time Fat Albert eats a Purple Pickle. You get 6 lives before the game is over. Each time Fat Albert eats one it is displayed under the score so you can keep track. I added a line of 6 hearts that are replaced one by one with a dog as you lose lives. Not really needed but I thought it was cool. Also changed the color from purple to red.




The next thing was to try to improve the items that Fat Albert eats. Here are the original items and my changes.


Fast Food:

Purple Pickle

Green Pickle

Root Beer


Soda Pop

Hot Dog


Ice Cream Bar

Milk Shake

Ice Cream Cone

French Fries


Cheese Burger


Fat Albert:


French Fries
Ice Cream Cone
Pineapple Cake
Pudding Pop
Astro Pop
Roasted Pig





The Intermission screens were already pretty much perfect and basically unchanged. I did do a few tweaks here and there but nothing of note.


post-3832-0-67943500-1439489169_thumb.png post-3832-0-37012600-1439489173_thumb.png post-3832-0-82820100-1439489173_thumb.png


And that brings us to the latest version. Here is a video and the BIN file:


Fat Albert release ver 2 BIN:

Fat Albert release ver 2.bin



There are plans to try to add voice to the game. Hey Hey Hey and Game Over. iesposta is trying to implement that feature. I will post any updates here.


Here is a composite video showing how the voice should work:


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I know neotokeo2001 posted a video of the "final" version of Fat Albert, but I just had to add better sound samples, and change hitting the dog to a bark-type sound.

I won't be adding anything more. I don't want paid for helping on this fun project.

neotokeo2001 has the binary and source for the version with the bark sound.

It is up to him to post the binary and/or source, or not.

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