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My cart smells help


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I just bought from a craigslist ad a H.E.R.O. 2600 game and the game works and all but smells like cat urine. Does anyone know how to get rid of this smell. I have had it in a ziplock bag with a couple dryer sheets in with it , but now it smells like cat pee and perfume. Any suggestions. I have never took apart any 2600 games before and it is an activision cart is there any way to take it apart without messing up the label.


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Carefully cover the label (or work around it), and swab the entire cart (outside and as much of the inside as you can reach without opening it) with hand sanitizer. Keep in in a dry place (like one that gets good AC or heat to reduce humidity). Let it dry completely before using it -- days or weeks -- time will eventually get rid of the smell. It's bacteria, and once that is killed through the alcohol and lack of any moisture, the smell will be gone.

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Try spraying aerosol electronic contact cleaner from the auto store into the slot saturating the insides and let it drain out the opening and dry out, 2 or 3 times. Can also pour 91% alcohol inside and rinse it out that way. Leave it sitting out in the garage for several months will help a lot (unless you keep your cat box nearby).

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Actually last week I received a batch of 5 boxed games that were horrible with cigarette smell. I mean nasty to the point that the shipping box and the packing material smelled just as bad. Funny thing is the seller wrote something like "we buy from estate sales, flea markets, etc so items may have odor". These people were heavily into selling books. There was no way that the games could have been that bad from any flea market and caused the shipping box on the outside to smell so much. The boxes themselves were in really nice condition, in fact I kept the ET box and the one I sold for $36 on Ebay had just been from my personal collection.


Anyway, to get rid of all the cigarette smell, and it worked really well, I put the box and the cart directly on my A/C vent. Mine is in the window, so it's easier. If you have central air, you'll probably have a hard time. The manuals I put near it holding them down with something heavy. They would just blow off otherwise. After like 5 hours being directly in line with the A/C, the smell was completely gone. I've done this in the past with cigarette smells that weren't so bad and it worked, but was wary on these as the smell was intense.



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