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How to grade arcade cabinet?

Atari the Jedi

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So I'm looking at a few cabinets I looked around and didn't see anything that can help me look at a grading system for cabinets. I know with certain things such as Furniture, boats Exedra once they are too far gone they're not really worth it and it would be better just to have a new one build. Can anyone point me in the directionof the grading system or some good tips? is there a point of no return when it comes to cabinet? I would imagine if there was mold or if it was completely rotted that would do it for me but I do not want to overpay for something that will fall like a deck of cards. thanks :-)

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I've never seen a grading system for arcade games.


If you're looking at games in person, bring a flashlight with you to inspect the cabinet. My wife picked up a Pole Position cabinet for me and when I opened it up there was a mice nest in the PCB cage and in the header area behind the marquee. There were mouse droppings scattered throughout the floor of the cabinet. I wound up throwing away the PCBs, cleaning up the mouse droppings and priming the inside of the cabinet.


When looking at cabinets have the seller take off the back door, remove the marqee and unlatch the control panel so you can get a good look at the cabinet. I walked away from a deal on a Space Encounters because the guy didn't have the key for the lock on the back door and said I would have to drill it out. Who knows what could've been inside that cabinet - maybe nothing but I wasn't going to find out for his asking price.


Ask if there has ever been work on the PCBs, the power supply and the monitor.


Minor damage to the cabinet doesn't bother me because it's an easy fix. The floor of my Centipede cabinet disintegrated but I just replaced it with a brand new piece of plywood. If the cabinet looks stable then you're good to go.

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