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Big Blue - Homebrew


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  • 10 months later...

I got no Vectrex so no point buying it. I can't recall ever seeing one for sale!


Pretty cool looking game. I'm not sure what variations present themselves as you play further and further. Does that magnificent Shark start to be harder and harder to pass? This finished-game video is the first I've heard of Big Blue, it all kind of snuck up on me, to my surprise and delight! I like the music and sounds too. Nice job!

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Hey all,


Thanks for the kind words and orders, really appreciated.


I'm not a regular poster here as I'm on so many other forums but wanted to get the word out as far as possible :)


If you do want specific Vectrex forums then http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/is a great place to check out. Also the Vectrex Fans Unite group on Facebook if you're that way inclined.


The shark does get more "alert" as you progress and there are also moray eels, jelly fish swarms, "caves" to negotiate and a new species of fish at every new depth... 8 treasures to recover too.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I just received the game, and OMG that is good stuff. Some homebrewers around here should take note.

You get the game cart of course, with a glossy label, very professionnal looking.

Then you get the overlay, with a protective film on it that is applied good enough that you can keep it on.

Then you have a thick foam padding to carry the cart and not scratch the overlay, and you get the notice.

The only difference with a game from BITD is essentially that the notice is in english only, but the box itself come in multilingual version. Thinking about it, thid party games could came like that BITD, many Atari 2600 games from Activision and other came with the English/US manual and the French importer added a French manual in. Depending on the care given, it could range from a glossy paper manual printed with a laser, in black and white, to the simple A4 sheet folded in two and printed with a daisywheel printer.


Anyway, for 52€ (including shipping (in Europe)) you get a complete, professionnal-looking Vectrex game, that come in a protective box. Jeez, many homebrew that come in a lone cart cost more than this without shipping.

To be honest, I saw the game on a forum, and I ordered it mostly because I wanted a complete and neato-loking game for my Vectrex as I only have a multicart.

I cared little about the game itself, given the fairly low price...

And honestly, this game is simple but excellent!

This is the best part of it : the game is very simple, but it works well and it's easy to understand and play. At first, seeing the depth meter, I was worried that the game would just add more screens to add depth, but no, there are obstacles that pop or more ennemies...

Also, the background music is excellent. Maybe not totally Vectreccy, but the AY is put to good use regardless so I'm fine with it.


I'll definitively look for more games from Vector Republic, if they all work that well and look as nice.

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I'm thinking I need to order this game again, since I'm still waiting for Chicago customs to get off their butts and send my copy to the Ivory Tower!

It's crazy how long some copies are being held in Chicago... well over 2 weeks in some cases!


Hope it's with you soon!

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I just received the game, and OMG that is good stuff.


Wow, thanks for taking the time to comment and the praise, really appreciated!


Glad you like the game too... I always wanted to do a full boxed release but knew I had to make a game that justified all the effort... my next game shouldn't take quite as long to bring to fruition.



Coming 2017 ... probably
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I'll look for it :)






I hid the last one, it's a nice nod :D


Some details I noticed :

The position screen says "Positon"(unless my screen is buggy XD) And about that screen, the game appears misaligned on my Vectrex. However, not too much on the vertical position, but a lot on the horizontal position. I read that it's a common issue with Vectrex, so maybe the option to change the screen position in both vertical and horizontal positions would be useful or feasible?

Also, I'm not much of a hi-score guy, but maybe a time count in-game would prompt peopel to do so speed-run/scoring on your game? Just throwing that idea, I don't know if that's a possible thing? Score being counted on the time you took to beat a level and the oxygen you lost to the ennemies?

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