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My second game, "Lost in Space" (philips space rendezvous)


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Coming soon for all Atari homecomputers (16k minimum).


1-4 player paddle game, 4 player fun!


This weekend there will be final beta testing on the E-jagfest in Germany.

After that some fine-tuning and release before x-mas!


"have you played atari today?"






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Great, The second "port" from odyssey 2 ? since my "Speedway One" was sort of a port from odyssey 2. Would like to see a Atari port of the Gunfighter game from Odyssey2/Videopac. I was considering doing one myself but my knowlegde of matematics is probably not good enough since the bullet in the game bounces around in a pong like fashion when hitting the trees..Also the walking gunfighters (cowboys) have a smooth animation that requires lots of frames, but still it can be done but requires a lot of work i guess.

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Oh yeah, gunfight would be cool. Who knows.


Philips have some really cool games, never ported to other systems.

Satellite-attack is one of my favorites....

Childhood nostalgia coming up right now. :-D


Here is some artwork for the current work-in-progress..... ;)


I think I can make a nice MIN mode title screen from this. :)

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Heh, four player landing module game. Sounds familiar! ;)http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/padlandr/



Hey .. downloaded your .ATR, gonna play around with this. I want to use one of those Graphics 2 Super IRG modes. Maybe this one:




This game would look great in 80 colors at 160 pixel resolution and 9 color palettes. :)

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Hey Mr.Atari, I am writing about your game for a post to be released after you release the game and I was happily surprised how good it is, and also how the game play is similar to my C64 game Mission:Moon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZXWdixf0X4) . My game is coded in BASIC and it is not as sophisticated as yours, but it is interesting to see the same idea better implemented.


Nice job!



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