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RMT Instrument volume


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HI !


can please somebody give me an example on how to play an RMT instrument with a specific volume?

I'm not really understanding all possible RMT-vectors, so it might be pretty simple or bloody compliacted.


The RMT code "API documentation" is simply highlighting this:

jmp rmt_sfx			;* A=note(0,..,60),X=channel(0,..,3 or 0,..,7),Y=instrument*2(0,2,4,..,126)

not a word about volume :(

.proc setSfx

	lda sfx_table,x
	asl @ 
	tay	; RMT routine expects instrument number * 2 in Y register
	ldx #0 ; channel number (0-3)
	lda #12 ; C-1 note
	jsr rmt_player+15 ; initialise instrument


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The example in asm_src/sfx/sfx.a65 shows how to set the SFX volume. Namely, before calling RASTERMUSICTRACKER+15 (or rmt_sfx), write a $X0 to RMTSFXVOLUME where X is the desired volume. For example:


        lda RANDOM                                      ;random number
        and #$07                                        ;0..7
        ora #$08                                        ;8..15
        asl @
        asl @
        asl @
        asl @                                           ;*16
        sta RMTSFXVOLUME

        ; ... set registers here ...

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