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Other names for "Atari 7800"


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Wrong. Englishing does not work that way. Systems like the 2600Jr and 2700 were versions of the 2600, because they played only 2600 games. The 3200 was to be a successor to the 2600.


CTIA was based off the original TIA chip, but nobody calls the Atari 400 a "second 2600". That would be so dumb.

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There's multiple contenders Atari Consumer Engineering made.


Supposedly, Tod Frye made a system using 4 TIA chips that each would draw one quarter of the screen.


A few months ago, Jerry Jessop told us at the Davis Atari Party that him and Tod also designed a system - as a competitor to GCC's project which became the 7800 - that used existing off-the-shelf Atari parts such as the TIA and GTIA together. They had all of the chips running at twice their normal stock Mhz speed. It was more powerful than the 7800 and backwards compatible with both the 2600 and the 5200. But Warner stuck with GCC and wouldn't listen to Atari's engineers just as that French manager who headed the 5200 project refused to allow it to be backwards compatible with the 2600 from the start and also who wouldn't listen about the problems with the controllers not self-centering.

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Well as you guys are debating names for the 7800 I am going to enter for this contest that lets you win a trip to California! I have 36 original 7800 carts so I definetley met the required number of carts. And maybe I'll get this badass Atari T-Shirt and show these Nintendo fanboys what's up. And even get two free games!!



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