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Well, I've been procrastinating long enough. I don't have any fancy pics for now, but I just wanted to put out the word on some retro items I'm currently looking to move. Pics are coming, however, but just to get started. I accept paypal, email bank transfer and ship the most economic means possible (that includes insurance). All prices are in Canadian dollars, less shipping (send me your postal code for a more accurate rate.


Flashback 2.0+ 'plus' version: $50 CDN (or best offer)

I'm sure you know what this is, but if you don't, it's the short run of FB2 machines that essentially had the Activision games removed and some sports titles added. I picked this up about five years ago. It's been tested, works, and all the stuff inside is still wrapped in original ties. The box shows shelf wear and is a bit squished in some spots, if that's important to you. The system, manuals, everything inside mint. Over the years, I'm moving stuff like this as I already own a FB and this is more of a collectible variant.


I'll be adding some loose games and lots in the future. Nothing really crazy collectible, but I have a really nice Quintara Roo for CV (loose, cart only). Shoot me an offer if this is something you're looking for.


Are you interested in those Jakks Pacific Namco joystick plug and play games? I have several of them from the first Pac Man up to the Super Pac Man design. I'm not sure if there's much demand for these, but if you're interested please let me know. I'm still on the fence of selling them (the remote control one is pretty sweet) and I'd really prefer selling them in one lot to a collector. I have the original packaging for all of them.


I've got some other odds n' ends that will go up in the next couple weeks. Thanks for looking!

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