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Moon Patrol


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Well, this doesn't do much else at the moment, but I got it this far. At least all the system calls are working ;)




(I'm not posting a binary because proof that this is working will ruin the illusion that it's possible)

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Another game that I have logged many hours on many systems (Arcade, Atari 800, 2600, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Dreamcast and Intellivision!)


Would like to say I logged time on the ST version, but mostly had a TT030 and most games on that was broken (being a 68030 instead of a 68000 and all.)

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Atari should had did this with the Jag to start with just a cart full of their Arcade Classics.


Well...I mean, this one was Williams by way of Irem. Even so, in the swinging 90s I'm not sure how well an 80s arcade compilation would have done. Everyone was caught up in the Bit Wars. I'm not sure there would've been enough nostalgia built up yet for an Atari arcade collection to have made much of a splash.

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Sorry for not posting micro update after micro update, but as you know I like to deliver something rather than talk about it endlessly. Plus I lost countless months of development time sulking on another forum where nobody was there to stroke my ego, arguing with trolls in another thread having fun playing Guild Wars 2.




Oh, and here's a binary. Something you can try yourself on real H/W. That thing that runs slower than VJ. All I had to do was merely hook system calls from one platform to another. It's so simple you'd think loads of people would be doing it. Oh well.



Now, back to Guild Wars before the sub 16 bit 5fps incorrect math 3D troll turns up. Enjoy, or don't.


Naturally, I'm a high DPS, backstabbing Thief in Berserker armor......




Maybe I should port Xevious next, I hear the ST version is the best so far :D (hehe, can't wait for Shamus' version to be released, it plays great!)

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Played a few hours of this and the arcade version (on the Dreamcast). Took me a bit to get used to the jumping ability but after I played the Atari 800 version and then the Arcade version I realized this version was actually closer. The arcade was very floaty while jumping though not quite this floaty.


But a beautiful version. I managed to get up to level U or V.


I learned that when you jump over the mines around level K or L you need to get right up to the mines at the slowest speeds and hit the D-pad up and left. This backs the buggy backwards and over. Strange but worked.


In this version if you fire the ground missile before a jump it will travel with you and forward quite a ways. Not like the arcade version but handy. Also if you keep hitting the button you have a more rapid fire as you get closer to objects. You can practically have the front wheel on top of a tank but if you are firing fast enough you will kill that tank. This is unlike the arcade where the rate of fire and recharge are a set time and no matter how fast you hit the button you'd be screwed. :D


Again beautiful graphics, and arcade like in the floatiness with a few unique traits that you have to get used to but can be used to your advantage.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Happy new year everyone:


  • Splash screens added
  • 1/2/4 select options on title screen (3 disabled because, lol, no mouse!)
  • Partial sound effects

Thanks to Dr Clu for the SFX used. I've still not got the hooks for some of them, but most are in now ;)


Download / Video in the giga-thread of portedness.

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