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The controls on Pole Position are insanely good. Feels as good (or better) than a 2600 driving paddle. Excellent snap back!


Spent about two hours upstairs with my wife and kids passing this thing around and playing Pole Position, Ms. Pac Man, and Galaga.


I want to like Mappy, but I have no idea how to get good at it. :)

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Know that the Mewkies will always make a beeline for you, while Goro (the fat one) moves randomly. He's tough to nail with the Micro-Wave (who came up with that name, anyway?) but if you do, it doubles the points for any cats you sweep off the screen.


Also, wait for the right time to dismount from a trampoline. It will snap after three bounces but that should give you plenty of time to choose a floor. The color switches back to blue after a successful dismount.

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I took photos to prove it. They are all mine. Look at the last five The very last photo is from ebay just to prove it. See the cord on the blue pacman unit is in the center and no key slot in the back. Whereas mine has the cord on the left and a key slot to the right of the cord. I never knew some had it and some don't either. I thought all had it. Or at least all looking the same. I had no idea some looking exactly the same had it and some didn't. Learn something new everyday.

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