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WIP : Nitrous


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Well, here is where most of my Jag coding effort has gone over the last month. I needed a break from AstroStorm and had the urge to try something completely different.


I started a few months back, creating a simple old fashioned road rasterizer. You can see the progress here. I wasn't too happy with that version. Yes it was very fast but the view was limited. You couldn't have 'approaching' hills and dips in the road.


Scrapping everything in that previous version, I started again and learnt some blitter coding at the same time. Man that thing is 'interesting'. It began with some poking here and poking there and eventually I worked out the functions I would need (with some help from Jag veterans too).


Here is the current version, all written in BASIC (Raptor Basic+).


No objectives yet, just a small track to drive around. There is a small loading counter at the top while it prepares the track so please be patient.

If this was in a final game then I would be able to pretty much ditch that load time altogether.


FYI, the scenery is pretty boring so far. This can obviously be expanded and smoothed out etc.


The game runs best on a PAL jaguar at present at the full 50fps. NTSC lags slightly behind.

Also Virtual Jag runs fine as well.


Drive safe...




EDIT: I changed the thread title from NotOutrun to Nitrous.

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That's amazing. Well done! I love the new hills and dips.


Kudos also to ggn, Reboot and anyone else involved in RB+.

Thank you. Yep, it was definately worth the extra work getting the more flexible road engine together. Its been through many iterations over the last few weeks where i changed calculations and routines until it hit the comedy full speed PAL version released yesterday. It was always at the back of my mind and a great progression from the previous version to do so.


Something I couldn't have done without an awesome Raptor update from CJ and Basic from ggn.


This should allow for more interesting tracks than the previous iteration. I can't wait to get more varied scenery in there and better visuals overall. Hopefully whilst keeping the good framerate. This was a great learning exercise for me too, regarding the Jaguars limitations and best practice. Knowing more about the blitter now, I hope to be able to create more interesting things in the future too. All from Basic!


Now Astrostorm is released, I can finally get on with this without any other distractions. It's a fun hobby, I'm not working to any schedule or timings. It's done when it's done :)

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Happy new year everyone. Thought I'd see it in with a new WIP release!


Main changes;

- Textured Road

- NTSC now runs 60fps :D (PAL was already maxed at 50)

- Trees! (Thanks PWW, tree from old thread)

- Longer track


Next on the list;

- Sound

- Graphic Tweaks (Tidying/making less crap)

- Fix dodgy road at bottom


Still takes a while to load. I don't see the point speeding that up until I'm finished tweaking.


Edit: I probably should have posted a screenshot but I'm not near a Jag or Pc now. So just run the binary instead.




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Very nice. Works well on Virtual Jaguar for me, which will have to do until my Skunkboard arrives (today or tomorrow I hope :) ).

Here's something in a similar vein that hopefully offers some inspiration. Slipstream Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/noctet/slipstream Slipstreamdownload: http://ansdor.itch.io/slipstream-demo (not mine, I just found it the other day).

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Quick progress report;



- Removed loading time. Now starts instantly.

- Fixed up road at bottom (not ideal but better).

- Can now chain together multiple tracks in any order. I'm calling these stages.

- Track splits. Get in left or right lane to choose your route and next stage (like outrun). I can even have stages loop back to a previous stage if wanted.


In Progress.

- Track split graphics

- Sound


I'll release an updated binary once I've finished the track split visuals.


I'm only working on this some lunchtimes so work is progressing steadily :)


(I backed that slipstream kickstarter, looks cool)

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Here's something in a similar vein that hopefully offers some inspiration. Slipstream Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/noctet/slipstream Slipstreamdownload: http://ansdor.itch.io/slipstream-demo (not mine, I just found it the other day).

slipstream 3rd Demo by ansdor

Youtube trailer:



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Should hopefully get the next version uploaded this week.

I'm going to delay this release while I play with stage transitions. Basically making each stage look different from the last. For now this will just be some colour changes and possibly scenery. We'll see. I dont want to delay too long though.


I've completed the road splits and added some scenery collisions too. Also tweaked acceleration speed and made the car slow down when off track.

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Ok folks here it is. The latest version of Not Outrun.

I've been playing around with various bits when time allows. I nearly got sound in but it's shelved for the moment. It's hard to test that while at work (on lunch).

Please remember I've not decided on the art style yet so all graphics are placeholders for now. There are also some small tweaks needed like scenery position offsets but that's boring stuff.

Change Log.
- Road splits! Drive left or right at the split to pick your route. There are currently 4 stages in total. Stages can be linked any way I decide and even loop back to previous ones. This allows for sequential roads, closed circuit tracks or choose your route (like Outrun!).
- Zero loading time.
- Made bottom of road animate better. Centre line is still dodgy tho.
- FPS tweaks.
- Fixed distant corners so the full road draws better.
- Tidied edges so screen is filled.
- Moved road sprite down to meet bottom of drawable area
- Horizon scrolls left/right appropriate to corner angle and your speed.
- Changed all scenery to 20 sizes (from 10) ; makes for smoother scaling.
- Added left / right corner arrow signs on the tight bends.
- Added Road Split signs when that's approaching.
- Graphical (palette) changes for each stage. We have, Sun, Rainy, Snowy and Desert.
- Scenery collisions
- Grass speed reduction
- Acceleration and braking adjustments.
- Moar billboards.

More scenery will be added in time but probably not until all other gameplay elements are in.

Next on my list;
- Sound.
- Ai cars.
- Score/timer/checkpoint type thing.

Drive safe!!


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Any update since? this sounds so promising :)


I've started working on the ai cars. It is a very involved process because I need to make sure the frames don't start dropping. I want to keep the maximum fps if possible.

I have many ideas for this game and want to do them all.


I have also been working on secret project number x which also uses this engine. This is a smaller game and has given me the opportunity to further speed up the road engine and gain some valuable processing time back. I will add these changes into NotOutrun in due course.


Please don't fear, I am still working on NotOutrun and want to get it to the game I have in my mind.


I've also been having a very busy time at work and various things in life too so my spare time has been very low lately.


Thanks for the interest and I'll always post news when I have some :)

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