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2 x Vaders with similar issues.


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Long time collector with zero electronics insight.


Bought a lot recently which included two Vaders. At first I thought they were both dead. But tonight I've found that they both are running - but I need to re-tune my TV signal a little further along from my usual stored signal to find them. One will then tune in fine, but if I switch the console off or pull the RF cable - then I have to fiddle with the TV tuning for it to reappear. The other is more troublesome in regards to tuning issues - but is also working.


Are these toast, or is there a relatively straight forward fix that I (as an electronics laymen) can undertake?


I'm in PAL land with a PAL console.


Thanks in advance

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Looking at the circuit diagram there the are four areas that I would look at are the circuit that drives the OSC input for the TIA chip, the circuit connected to the PALS and PALI pins of the TIA, the TIA chip itself and the RF Modulator.


The only things I would suggest you try as an electronics layman as they limit you abilities to make things worse are...

Press all socketed IC's into their sockets as they can work their way out over time/remove them and clean any tarnished legs incase oxidisation is prevent good IC to socket contact.

Replace the TIA IC itself in case it is defective​

Re-solder the joints for the aforementioned areas in case it is a dry joint problem.


Which order you do them depends is up to you but I would do them in the order that you would find easiest to hardest.

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i think the first thing you might want to do is try to tune the rf box there is a hole on the rf box that uses a small drill bit i cant remember the name but just turn the bit and sometime you can fix the problem the rf box is a big silver box that is located near the bottom of the switch board

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